See how sellers at Ladipo market (Lagos) converted a 2005 Toyota Prado to a 2016 model!


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Ladipo Market in Lagos is the biggest auto market for spare parts in Africa. You can find almost everything you need related to cars here and you should not be surprised if seeing a 2005 Toyota Prado SUV converted to 2016 model! Check the story below!

Against all odds, Nigerians can really be innovative and inventive if the need arises or if it has to do with survival. As long as the Nigerian auto industry is concerned, the popular Ladipo Market in Lagos is one place where you will see these types of stunning creativity. Well, what do you expect of the biggest hub for spare parts in Africa? Ladipo market is always that place that pops up straight in the mind when it comes to procuring brand new or used spare parts for your vehicles. If you must know, there are many brilliant minds in that market that can perform wonders on any brand or model you take there.


This face-lifted 3rd generation Toyota Prado was recently spotted at the prominent Ladipo market

From a report here on Naijauto, a facelifted third generation Prado SUV was spotted recently somewhere around Ladipo Market, by an auto mechanic expert. From its look, it is obvious that a lot of modifications have been carried out on its bodily parts such as the bumpers and the front grille. In fact, you might be swayed to believe you are buying the latest version with the presence of additional side paddings.


Based on its outside look, the 2005 Prado has been modified to look exactly like the more recent 2016 model

For the 3rd and 4th generations, they both come fitted with similar engine but the new Toyota Prado SUV offers a refined automatic gear change point to achieve better fuel efficiency. The modified version at the Ladipo Market was manufactured from 2002 to 2009 by the automaker. Prado is a 4-wheel drive Sport Utility Vehicle and is among the smaller models in the Land Cruiser lineup.


2016 Prado SUV comes fitted with a lot of impressive features that makes driving easier with good fuel economy

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No doubt, we expect the automaker to have made a lot of improvements on the newer version. It features multi-terrain selection switch, which gives the driver more control over the quality of driving. It offers six positions from the camera, which afford the driver that perfect view of what lies ahead and behind.


A 2005 Toyota Prado such as the model above was converted

How much do you think this modified version from Ladipo would cost?

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