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Enugu young man builds "open-wheel" vehicle from local material

When he drives the eye-catching self-made car to Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, crowd flocks.

The story happened last month when a young “car builder” (as we should call him) drove his self-made four-wheel vehicle to the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu state.

The self-made car bay a young Nigerian boy

The vehicle was built all from spare parts

When come across by a crowd of inquisitive minds inside the campus, he was test-driving his self-made car. The young man gave the chance to 2 women to experience the feel in the car in the jealousy of other attendants.

He later informed his admirers that the self-made car was all made of spare parts he collected in the local area.

The two women in the self-made car

The young boy gave the chance to 2 women to experience the  feel  in the car 

The young man who is the inventor of the self-made car

This lad is the creator of this self-made car

two boys in the self-made car

People all enjoyed getting behind the wheel of the car

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