COVID-19: Kwara state police intercepts articulated vehicle with 50 persons hidden under bags of fruits


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Kwara State Police Command intercepts an articulated vehicle illegally transporting 50 interstate travellers hidden beneath bags of fruits.

A total of 50 persons have been reportedly intercepted recently by the Police Command in Kwara state, around Kulende Junction at the Zango area of Ilorin. These 50 persons allegedly hid beneath bags of fruits being transported by an articulated vehicle coming from Zamfara state and headed to Ogbomoso in Oyo state.


Kwara police intercept 50 persons illegally traveling from Zamfara state to Oyo state in a bizarre manner

Press reports claim that the intercepted trailer could have scaled through security check if not for a small mechanical fault it developed around the Zango area of Ilorin where residents spotted the hidden persons and called upon security officers.

DSP Kayode Okasanmi – the public relations officer for Kwara state police command, confirmed this development to the press by stating that the police were informed on time and swung into action by intercepting the suspected trailer. DSP Okasanmi also confirmed that the 50 passengers were illegally traveling from Zamfara state and heading to Ogbomoso with intentions of settling there when Kwara police intercepted their vehicle. He further revealed that these 50 persons found under bags of fruits comprised of young children, men, and women.

Also, press reports state that the Kwara State police command said it ordered the intercepted trailer and 50 persons to find their way back to the border shared by Niger state and Kwara state for an onward journey/return to Zamfara state.

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Is should be noted that the Kwara state government has extended lockdown by 14 days since April 23 which is another reason why the illegal travelers could not be allowed passage as the state is still battling the COVID-19 outbreak.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government’s ease of lockdown in Lagos state and Abuja has led to the rolling out of new transportation guidelines for both cities.

Check out this press video below that gives an overview of how businesses are resuming after the ease of lockdown in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja;

  Coronavirus Lockdown: Businesses resume as Nigeria partially opens economy | TV360 Nigeria

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