Kunle Afolayan's vintage car collection can make every car fan jealous


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Did you know that popular Nigerian film producer and actor, Kunle Afolayan has an admirable taste for vintage cars? See his collection here!

When it comes to celebrities in Nigeria and all over the world, Naijauto is always excited to reveal as much as we know about their different tastes in automobiles and the amazing cars in their respective collections.

Recently, we were amazed to discover that; popular Nigerian film producer, director and actor – Kunle Afolayan is actually a famous vintage cars collector. That's why we decided to bring it here the impressive car collection of Kunle Afolayan.


Kunle Afolayan has many times shown off his beautiful vintage cars in his cool posing pictures

Kunle Afolayan movies

If you don't remember, we can remind you of the most successful hits in Kunle Afolayan acting career.

Ever since the year 2005, Kunle Afolayan has been one of the most active when it comes to the Nigerian movie industry. He has produced and appeared in several hit movies like;

  • Irapada [2006]
  • The Figurine: Araromire [2009]
  • October 1st [2014]
  • Phone Swap [2012]
  • The CEO [2016]
  • Mokalik [2019]

Many people might not know that Kunle Afolyan used to be a trained banker and economist before becoming a professional movie maker. He is also a son to the late Adeyemi Josiah Afolayan – one of Nigeria’s famous veteran film producer and director popularly called “Ade-Love” in the movie world during his days.

Vintage car collection of Kunle Afolayan

Below are some of the most notable vintage cars that are confirmed to be present in Kunle Afolayan’s beautiful collection;

1. Mercedes Benz SE [W108/109] (1965 – 1972)

Even though Kunle Afolayan is also a Mercedes Benz fan like many other Nigerian celebrities, he still stands out when it comes to taste with his inclusion of the Mercedes Benz [W108/W109] model of the year 1965 to 1972 range.

On current auctions, this car costs no less than N13 million.


Kunle Afolayan always stands out among Mercedes fans with his Mercedes Benz SE

2. Jaguar XJ Series III (1979)

Kunle Afolayan happens to also be one of the only few in Nigeria to still own a Jaguar XJ Series III (1979 model) in his collection.

This particular XJ series is one of a lineup made up of luxury full-size cars made by the British automaker Jaguar Cars – the company that later became the popular “Jaguar Land Rover” which we know today.

The starting price of this car when it's released was around N3 million but nowadays, to get this classic, you should expect to pay much more.


Can you spot the “Agbamu” custom plate number on Kunle Afolayan’s Jaguar XJ Series III (1979) luxury car?

3. Ford Thunderbird (1965)

On the top end of Kunle Afolayan’s vintage car collection is the Ford Thunderbird 1965 model that comes with a powerful V8 engine that accelerates from 0 to 96km/h in just 11seconds.

To get a similar Thunderbird like Kunle, one has to pay at least N14 million, excluding delivery fees or any tax if imported from overseas.


Kunle Afolayan celebrated his 45th birthday by sharing a picture of himself posing with his Ford Thunderbird 1965 car on Instagram

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Below are some pictures and videos shared by Kunle Afolayan on Instagram to celebrate his 45th birthday by showcasing his vintage cars;





A post shared by Kunle Afolayan (@kunleafo) on

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