Korean autos kick butt! Knock Toyota, BMW, and Porsche off top ranks


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Korean automobiles are finally coming into global reckoning after decades as the global bottom players. Check the latest ratings of the new global top players.

Korean autos are no longer the bottom pool of the global automotive industry and that is now official. Once upon a time Kia and Genesis, top Korean autos would be had-put to raise a derisive sneer from discerning auto enthusiasts. That was then though; today, riding on world class building platforms, and solid safety and security features, Korean automobiles have shot far and above those initial not-so-auspicious beginnings to become major players in the global auto sweepstakes.

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In 2018, the Initial Quality Study by JD Power saw Genesis autos in first place, Kia in second, and Hyundai bestriding a solid third position. These Korean vehicles took down industry giants like Lexus, Toyota, and Porsche to get to those enviable heights. The IQS by JD Power is an annual study that examines issues in the initial 90 days of purchase of 100 vehicles. Low numbers of issues automatically mean a higher placing.

Kia has been consistently in the upper 3 position for 3 years running (2019 had it at second ), Genesis is at first place for two years running and Hyundai maintaining number 3 place.


Genesis autos is rated number 1 in the study

These upsets aside, a lot of vertical movements up the quality ratings have also been recorded. For instance, Porsche was humbled to lowly 15th position from a respectable fourth placing,  Ford stepped lower by one place, moving third place to fourth position.

As for other brands, e.g. Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, and BMW, the tale is sadder. They all find themselves below the average for the industry, which is 93 problems for every 100 vehicles. This calculation is consistent from 2018. Auto gainers include Dodge, rising up to 8th this year from a 2018 position of 18th, and Buick which has successfully crested above the average. Nigerian popular brand Toyota seems to be recovering from its 2018 dismal showing. This year, 2019, Toyota is fortunately in the first 10.

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Brands still scraping the bottom of the barrel include Land Rover, Jaguar  Rover, Volvo and Alfa Romeo. The latter is witnessing its first showing on the list. The issues cited for these hinge on quality majorly.

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