DPR seals Kogi filling stations for short-changing customers during Yuletide period


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Two filling stations in Kogi have been recently sealed off by DPR officials for allegedly short-changing customers during this Yuletide period. Read more!

Tuesday 24th of December 2019 (Xmas Eve) was not a happy one for owners of two filling stations that got sealed off by DPR (Department of Petroleum Resources) in Kano state. Both filling stations were alleged to have been short-changing their numerous customers even at this Yuletide period.


DPR seals off two Kogi filling stations for short-changing customers even amidst Yuletide period

DPR also closed one gas station for allegedly running operations without a government-approved license.

Mr. Amos Jokodola, the DPR Operations Controller for Kogi state told reporters that he led the team that sealed off the filling stations; Always and Emmalis in Lokoja because they were treating customers wrongly.

He also warned other petroleum product dealers in Kogi state to desist from all sort of dubious acts. In his statement, he said;

“We are preparing for Christmas and New Year. We will monitor the distribution and the selling of petrol, kerosene and gas to customers during and after the Yelutide season.”

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