Klassen Limousine from Mercedes - a mini luxury office on wheels


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You wouldn’t believe the features it offers. Once getting on this vehicle, you would never want to come to your office for work again!

The KLASSEN Mercedes-Benz Viano Limousin Luxury Office Van, a brand new design from the German's manufacturer. And of course this car is from the hi-class lineup. I mean who gave that kind of name to an economy car, don't you agree?

a Limousin Luxury Van

We think it’s unfair to call this magnificence a “car”, it should be a mini “wheeled office”

In our humble opinion, we should not call this a car at all. If anything, its name should be Mercedez KLASSEN "mini office with wheels" because of its luxurious interiors which give the passengers feelings and all essential equipment as when they'are in a well-designed office. Installed with such furniture, I'm not surprised at all learning that its total weight is over 3 tons.

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Despite its heavy load, it would be able to travel at 217 kilometers per hour with its 258-hp V6 engine mated to an automatic transmission. There are a total of 6 seats with spacious space between. In other words, it has enough space for either partying with your best friend or hosting a meeting with your company's board members.

a Mercedes Benz Klassen minivan

Even though it weighs more than 3 tons, the V6 engine could manage to reach max speed of 217 km/h

Talk about its grand style, aside from its intimidating outlook and spacious room inside, the details are worth mentioning too. First off, it has a PS 4 for your entertainment need, accompanied by a huge flat screen. When the game period is over, it can be used to present your statistics and data to your customers or video-call your board members from a distant location.

To avoid pushing too many physical buttons, the car comes with an Ipad and a controlling app to manage everything in the cabin, even the seats. Accordingly, it has a strong wifi connection to do all the things above.

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Enjoy the superb office minivan technologies!

Enough with the digital pieces of equipment, let's bring the subject towards a foodies aspect. A coffee maker to fuel you on the way to work. A fridge to store some snacks to soothe an empty stomach. A champagne bottle and several flutes for you and your friends. And if you happen to go home when the night is still young but you'are all exhausted to find excitement a bar, a sparkling roof style will deliver just that experience right in your car. Last but not least, you can have all of the above with just over 150 million Nairas, sounds good?

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