U.N ban luxury goods to North Korea but why Kim Jong Un got an armoured Mercedes-Benz?


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Do you think North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-un is buying his armoured Mercedes-Benz vehicles through a legal channel? Click here to the see how he acquires them!

Recently, a well detailed enquiry has exposed how Kim Jong-un armoured Mercedes-Benz could enter North Korea despite the U.N sanctions of banning luxury goods into this country.

The Associated Press approached Daimler group in late April, concerning several S-Class spotted with the dictator at multiple meetings. However, the automaker denies knowing anything about the procurement of its products by the North Korea leader as UN sanctions have placed ban on the sales of luxury products to North Korea.


Kim Jong-un complex shipping network of getting Mercedes into North Korea is finally revealed

The enquiry commenced at a port located in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where armoured Mercedes-Benzes (bulletproof) were loaded onto a ship. The cars got to China after 41 days and were later sent to Japan via separate ship before it was sent to South Korea, after being moved to another ship.

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The ship conveying the cars at the port in South Korea met up with a ghost ship from Russia, where they were transferred over. Compulsory tracking devices were turned off by this Russian ship and went amiss, to later appear in Vladivostok, Russia. A pair of transport aircrafts was flown out on the same day the cars got to Russia, from North Korea to pick those cars up at Vladivostok.

How does Kim Jong-un get his fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars?

The shocking thing about this exposure isn’t really about the complex network of getting those armoured Mercedes-Benz products into North Korea, but the fact that such similar routes could be used by the same Dictator to move weapon of destruction across the planet.

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