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Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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Kia owners in Nigeria are in for a treat. If you own a Kia, then you shouldn't miss this news. Click now to check details of this special promotion!

Kia Motors Nigeria is rewarding its customers and has commenced a service campaign to that effect. This will sure benefit our esteemed readers.

The service campaign tagged 'Mega March Makeover' promo is geared towards dishing out top-class body work and painting maintenance services to their Nigerian customers, at an overmuch reduced price.

This new discounted body work initiative is providing body and painting service in a bid to help Kia owners remodel their cars looks and how it feels too. This refreshing will be done without it digging a hole into Kia customers pocket.

The Mega Makeover promo is running through the month of March and the company made a discounted offering of 27,000 and a 45% discount on every repair and painting done on the car's body. The process time to get this service done in the paint booths was reduced by using the services of specialized and trained body shop engineers.


The special promo encourages Kia owners to take care of their vehicles

Getting a new paint on a car is an avenue to revamp its original look or experiment with a different color to see how it looks on the car. Owing to the number of body shops found on the roadsides with low quality paints sold cheaply and the major car dealers with a higher price tag for painting work, car owners are often faced with indecision. They end up making comparison between the low quality roadside paintings that wear out easily and the high quality expensive offerings of major auto car paint dealers.

With all this confusion and misinformation going on with collision repair process, Kia Motors Nigeria stepped in to help fix the price and quality painting quagmire. To Kia Motors, it's a rewarding effort to be actively involved in the process and boost the Brand's loyalty. Plus, providing superior body and painting service at a cheaper rate for customers.

Here's the statement made by Kia's chief operation officer, Sanjay Tatpati.

As a leading auto brand in the country with increasing market share, our focus is on providing high quality, innovative products and above all solutions and offers to our growing customer base in Nigeria


With its widespread dealerships, Kia aims to dominate Nigerian car market

Tatpati emphasized further, thus.

There are two primary goals. Number one is quality painting at affordable pricing.

This is about a proper, highly professional repair for Kia vehicles that are on the road, and ultimately that correlates directly to our second objective: being customer-centric. This is a customer-first programme that is all about how we can best maintain Kia cars for our customers and anyone else that may be involved in an accident or just a general makeover for cars

It all starts with customer satisfaction and works backward from there. Typically, customers are in a collision at one point or the other, so it’s not something they deal with on a daily basis. However, when they are involved in a collision, it’s always an unpleasant experience. So that is where we like to start: getting that customer into a certified body shop and making sure that they’re happy with their experience.

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Jane Osuagwu
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Jane Osuagwu

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