Kia could offer a tiny EV for commuters as an alternative to public buses


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South Korean automaker, Kia is making plans to develop a tiny electric car model that commuters should prefer to taking public buses. Great right? Read it all!

The current Coronavirus pandemic is currently changing the way people and societies view public transportation. Mostly because everyone is now health-conscious and afraid of being on a crowded bus. This new trend, and also complaints by commuters, are forcing many automakers to come up with practical and affordable solutions like portable urban-friendly electric vehicles. The upcoming Citroen Ami is a perfect example of such a personal electric vehicle, and now South Korean auto giant, Kia is set to compete in this segment anytime soon.


Tiny electric vehicles could become the future alternative to public buses for commuters in urban areas

It is becoming obvious that the future of transportation doesn’t care if Nigeria is ready for electric cars, but might instead leave our dear nation no other choice than to adopt EVs anyhow we can. The reason being the fact that a recent survey carried out in China after several months of a fight against the Coronavirus proved that people are now afraid of public transport. Yes, the world is now shifting to private transportation because of its safety, especially in situations like the pandemic we are experiencing at present.

The Chief Operating Officer of the European division of Kia Motors, Emilio Herrera revealed in a recent press interview that the company’s survey respondents using private transportation were just 34% before the COVID-19 outbreak. Now after the virus outbreak, Kia’s survey results show that the number of people that prefer private transportation has significantly risen to 65% due to the social distancing rules, lockdown, and other measures. This explains why the automaker is now making plans to tap into this new trend.


The 2010 Kia Pop concept car already gave a hint of the company’s vision for future alternatives to public buses

If one is to consider currently popular all-electric vehicles like the Tesla models, the cost of running an electric car in Nigeria might seem overwhelming and discouraging. But with Kia’s new plans, tiny electric vehicles could basically help cut all of such overbearing costs in a huge way that could really benefit countries like Nigeria. Such tiny EVs would be very affordable and cheaper to maintain while being useable in populated Nigerian cities like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and the likes.

While looking forward to Kia’s upcoming tiny electric car, we recalled that a commercial electric vehicle was launched in Nigeria a few months. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 outbreak is probably the reason we are yet to hear any progress report from the company. However, some creative Nigerian University students also launched a locally-made electric car that really impressed us last year.

Below is a video that showcases the made-in-Nigeria electric car;

  University of Nigeria Produces First Nigerian-Made Electric Car

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