Kewalram Chanrai becomes exclusive distributor of Jeep, Fiat, Dodge, Chrysler brands


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Its really money in the bag for Kewalram Chanrai Group, as they just secured deal of a lifetime with the FCA automotive brands. Click here for their plan after becoming the exclusive distributor of these brands in Nigeria!

On Naijauto, we feel it is not out of order if the entire members of Kewalram Chanrai Group give themselves a whole week to celebrate this landmark. This is indeed big money in the bag. The company has just secured exclusive rights as the only franchise representatives of FCA automotive brands in the whole of Nigeria. This means they will have the exclusive right to be in charge of distributing Jeep, Fiat and Chrysler products in the country.

The FCA Group is popularly known for the production of high quality Italian and American auto brands such as Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Dodger, Ram, Chrysler, Maserati among several other brands.

When you decide to visit the purpose-built showroom in Lagos, Victoria Island to be precise, you are going to see array of automobiles such as Jeep Compass, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT version, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, Fiat Pickup, Fiat Tipo and Ram Open back are all on display. According to the company, the display is solely dedicated to these brands and more would be added soon.


Alfa Romero is a product of the FCA automobile brands, distributed by Kewalram Chanrai in Nigeria

Kewalram Chanrai is also taking proactive measure in devising a strong mechanism in spreading the presence and availability of these brands to other parts of Nigeria via its already founded brand network.

The company’s reputation has really been boosted through the acquisition of marketing rights for these global automotive brands. Not only that, the conglomerate has presence in 12 countries with a remarkable 150 years of history in the area of distribution.

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One thing that is also made known is that the company has taken another strong step in distributive dominance through its repositioned strategy of strengthening its after sales services for an improved service delivery. According to the company’s sources, these outstanding after sales personnel have been exposed to lots of training by the technical staff from the different automakers on how to provide flawless after-sales services for all auto brands. They believe they don’t just sell but also offer after-sales services that are very effective.


Fiat Group has a strong reputation for production of high performance and affordable cars

It isn’t much of a surprise that a firm like Kewalram Chanrai was chosen as the only distributor for the auto brands from FCA considering its strong reputation and unique dedication to automotive business as well as providing after-sales services.

In 2014, the Italian automaker, Fiat Group, acquired 100 percent of ownership right in the American premium car company, Chrysler Group, in a move that brought together the technical and financial aspects of the two groups to become one. This particular merger led to a multi-national organization that carries out its operations in over 140 countries across the globe.

Jeep, a world class automaker has been in the manufacturing business for more than 70 years. It specializes exclusively on the production of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) such as the Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, Patriot and Compass. These models have dominated the SUVs markets for so many years. The brand has also benefited from European luxury automakers, making it one of the best brands in the world.

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Another popular brand under Kewalram Chanrai exclusive distributive right is Dodge. It is quite a notable brand and a distinguished member of the revered Chrysler family, which is now under the acquisition of Fiat group. Dodge’s specialty lies in the production of SUVs, passenger cars, multi-purpose vehicles and large pickup trucks. Popular models include Durango, SUV, Dakota pickup, Neon sedan and minivan. Chrysler on the other hand boasts of PT Cruiser, Country and Town minivan.

Fiat has a strong pedigree for production of cheap and durable cars. This is very true about its sedans and minivans. The company has recently introduced a small pickup truck, which is fast rising to become buyers’ favourite across the globe. The company is big player in the popular models such as Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Looks like Nigerians are in for a sweet treat with these exotic cars on display in the country from Kewalram Chanrai Group.

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