Kevin Hart car accident: he may get sued for neglecting car safety technology


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Despite sustaining sever injuries from the Plymouth Barracuda Crash, Kevin Hart could be sued for safety negligence. Read the reason for this!

The recent crash involving American Comedian and Actor, Kevin Hart, in his Plymouth car could take a different turn. There are possibilities that the Hollywood star may be sued for negligence by not installing modem safety technology such as 5-point racing airbags.

But this can only happen if the two people onboard with him at the time of the crash sue for damages, claiming criminal negligence, especially as the safety technology could have been installed in the custom car on his orders.


The scenes of Kevin Hart's car accident earlier this month

Naijauto gathered that the incident involving Hart could also bring about changes in regulations for classic cars that are restored, as automakers would want to avoid getting indicted in crash cases.

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Sources however revealed that, while Hart could be sued, it would be very difficult to win an argument accusing him of criminal negligence just because he let  a friend drive an old car of his without advance safety technology. An out-of-court settlement would most likely suffice.


The car was wrecked from the accident. It was a miracle Hart and other occupants survived.

There are speculations that the controversy generated by the case could spur the California Highway Patrol to prompt the state into enacting laws that would make installation of 5-point harnesses in custom and restored vehicles like this one mandatory.

The last is yet to be heard of this case as Hart recuperates from severe injuries sustained from the crash.


Now all that remains is his car rear

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