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How much do you know about the Kenyan president’s Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard official limousine? Interesting details and photos here!


It is rumoured that President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya actually started his 2nd term in office by making random public appearances in his stretched limousine, which captured the minds of many citizens. So, this is why Naijauto has decided to present you a closer look at this captivating presidential limo.




President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya rides an exquisite Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard as his official car

Obviously, car enthusiasts in Kenya and around the world will be thrilled at the sight of this President Kenyatta’s black limousine - an armoured Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard that is 6-meters in length and weighs 6 tons. However, details of this presidential limo are “classified” due to the intense secrecy surrounding President Kenyatta’s activities.


Luxury is top-notch when it comes to the interior of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard limousine

Pulling various information from reliable sources like Business Insider, Cars Bazaar and many more, we have been able to figure out some authentic details that are simply fascinating about this presidential limo.  

First, it is stated that this Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard possesses armoured protection which consists of panels with integrated steel protection in its body as well as other critical areas like the top and sides. This complete protection is said to be of the class VR9 which means that it covers both the non-transparent and transparent areas altogether.

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This presidential limo is well certified for any all types of blast resistance in accordance with the Directive ERV of 2010. This directive simply prescribes that the armoured limousine will remain unshaken from a 15kg TNT detonation at a 2-meters distance from the armoured car. If such a bomb test is done on an unarmoured car, it will kiss the earth goodbye.


President Uhuru Kenyatta’s official limousine can withstand 15kg of TNT bomb and several bullets from most assault riffles

The armoured Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard is also fully equipped with several ultra-thick and laminated glass windows, each coated with a type of polycarbonate that gives the limo flammability protection and excellent resistance to high-impact.


Those mapped areas are the bombproof and bulletproof parts of the Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman Guard limo

This fortress on wheels is powered by a V12 twin-turbocharged engine that outputs 530hp and gives the heavy car a 160km/h top speed. 

Try to spot this powerful armoured Limo of President Kenyatta in his convoy from the video below;


Apart from President Uhuru Kenyatta, this armoured limo is also used by a few other powerful world leaders like Vladimir Putin (Russian President) and Kim Jong Un (North Korean President).

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