Kenyan An-Nisa taxi haling service only carries children & women with 100% female drivers


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A Muslim woman has founded a special taxi haling service in Kenya which is now the first and only one to exclusively carry children and women. From 100 female drivers on the first day, now her team has expanded to 300. Read more below!

Naijauto has always been an advocate of “special attention” to women and children’s safety when commuting via any local transportation means in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This is why we are so pleased with An-Nisa – a 100% female taxi-hailing service in Kenya that has been created to exclusively carry children and women.


An-Nisa is the first-ever taxi-hailing app in Kenya and Africa that is exclusive to children and women

Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, has undeniably seen a rapid increase in the number of taxi-hailing apps since the year 2014 and the competition has become very high with top contenders like Mondo ride, Little Cab, Taxify and Uber.

However, Nairobi is a city that is still facing a lot of challenges when it comes to the security of children and women that commute in Taxis and public buses. There are also fewer job opportunities for female drivers. These concerns clearly inspired a 33yr old Kenyan woman, Mehnaz Sarwar to come up with An-Nisa – a transport service solution that specifically targets empowering children and women as well as providing them with a more secure transport means.

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Meet Mehnaz Sarwar – the founder of An-Nisa taxi-hailing service App

As a young Muslim woman that always wear full-length Niqabs anytime she’s in public, Mehnaz Sarwar - the founder of An-Nisa had always felt uncomfortable with male drivers and as a result, she decided to make the platform allow only female drivers. In one of her public interviews, she once said;

"I was always uncomfortable being in a car with someone I didn’t know, especially if it was a male. So I was always in search of a female driver. I realized that a lot of ladies are still in that position."

“My experiences motivated me to start this app. I always feared, as a Muslim woman, and I wanted to be driven by a fellow woman which was rare to find,”

“I want women to have an option of thriving in this male-dominated field,”

“That’s my vision.”

For those who might be eager to know the story behind the name “An-Nisa”, it is an Arabic word that means “women”.

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Here is one of An-Nisa verified female drivers

The An-Nisa platform has been a success so far with a record of over 100 female drivers registered on its first week and over a thousand app downloads. The platform now has a record of over 300 women drivers on its roster and has been efficiently providing a safer transport means for children till date.

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