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Hot trend in Kenya: Riding in wooden Range Rover SUV!

By Oluwaseun Adeniji
Publish on July 19, 2019

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Africa is truly blessed with potentials, and these are beginning to materialize through the first ever wooden Range Rover SUV made in Kenya. Click here to see the pictures!

This is definitely the very first of such to happen on this planet, and it is right from Kenya that this wooden Range Rover SUV was created and spotted at an Italian restaurant in Diani, Kenya.



The Kenyan made wooden Range Rover SUV comes with a very smooth and appealing exterior

Aside featuring an exterior of well-polished wood and a made-in-Kenya rear badge inscriptions, the interior also comes furnished with materials made out of wood and white seats with seatbelts.

Check more photos of this Kenyan-made wooden Range Rover below!



If you can't afford the real one, why not go for the beautiful work of art from Kenya

This incredible work of art that looks just like Jeep wrangler (doorless) is an indication of stream of intelligent and creative individuals from Africa.

Wooden Range Rover Evoque - Toy Car

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Oluwaseun Adeniji is a passionate writer and a poet with special interest in writing about cars. He is a master degree holder in international conflict and management. He enjoys feeding the public with the latest auto gist and well researched car reviews. He is also a strong football lover. So, if Oluwaseun is not writing, expect him to be reading about sports.