Kazakhstan's new aircraft painted in snow leopard livery


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Shouldn’t be amazed to see a flying snow leopard someday as it’s a specialty of Kazakhstan airline.

The national Kazakhstan airline, Air Astana, recently has bought a new Embraer 190-E2 plane from Brazil and painted it in snow leopard livery to raise global awareness of the extinction threating this wild animal species – native to Kazakhstan mountain ranges. Here Naijauto.com has gathered cool photos of it, check it out! 


Snow leopards – the Kazakhstan native are under the risk of extinction

The newly-acquired E190-E2 at a close look

See how well the airplane resembles the rare animal?


Air Astana hopes to raise global awareness of rare animals


 Snow leopard livery aircraft – a new feature of Air Astana, Kazakhstan

On the media briefing at Astana International Airport, Peter Foster, president and CEO of Air Astana said:

All of us at Air Astana are pleased to receive our first E190-E2, and we look forward to a smooth entry into service and a simple transition for our pilots. We know Embraer’s E-Jets well, and have high expectations for their new generation aircraft in terms of economics, environmental impact, and levels of comfort and convenience for our customers.

The Kazakh flag carrier has ordered five jets featuring impressive the snow leopard painting on their noses and this aircraft is the first one. Other four will be delivered to Kazakhstan next year. The five new E190-E2s joint team to replace the old E1 generation airplanes, which has been being used since 2011.

The new offer 108 seats, two by two on both sides without middle seats to enlarge legroom for passengers.

seats on Kazakhstan's new leopard aircraft

The new jets provide real comfort with no dreaded middle seats

The jet producer, Brazil Embraer, is the third-largest civil aircraft maker in the world, just after European Airbus and American Boeing.

This company recently has taken an E190-E2 with a shark paint job on a worldwide tour. They also have a jet painted a scary tiger delivered to their customer.


The world tour on a shark-painted airplane

The cool tiger-painted airplane by the Brazil producer

The cool tiger-painted airplane by the Brazil producer

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