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Are you aware there's a vehicle manufacturing company in Kano? Bet you don’t. Some even consider this company as a threat to Innoson Motors with their locally made products, but is that correct? You can check our explanations below!

Do you know that aside from Innoson Motors, there's another local vehicle manufacturing plant operating here in Nigeria? The assembly plant was even existing before Innosons Motors. It goes by the name the National Truck Manufacturers Ltd.

1. What is National Truck Manufacturers Ltd

The National Truck Manufacturers LTD (popularly known as Kano cars) is a vehicle assembly plant that was established in 1970. It's situated in Kano and is said to have experienced market boom in the 70s. During this time, Nigeria saw a lot of assembly plants springing up, like Volkswagen of Nigeria Limited (VON) Lagos, Peugeot Automobile Nigeria Limited (PAN) Kaduna, Steryr Nigeria Limited Bauchi, and Anambra Motor Manufacturing Limited (ANMMACO) Emene, Enugu.

However, all these assembling companies didn't stay long in business but phased out. With an exception to the National Truck Manufacturers Limited, that was focused on assembling of trucks. Though this company isn't as widely known as Innosons, yet it's standing as one of the indigenous vehicle assembling companies found in Nigeria.


NTM mainly focuses on truck manufacturing

A 2010 report had it that the company, NTM would start the manufacturing of 60,000 trucks in the country.

2. Is NTM a threat to Innoson Motors?                                                                 

Well, it's obvious that NTM is focused on truck production, so it's in no way a rival to Innosons Motors.

As isn't aware of the existence of this company, until now, so also, there are a lot of Nigerians oblivious to the presence of National Truck Manufacturers Limited in Nigeria. They expressed their opinion about it on Twitter. On the other hand, a lady with the Twitter handle @ovieali has heard about the company and we think she's residing in Kano to have been in the know.

3. Is there any change in the future?

We believe so. Innoson’s Motor production isn't limiting its production to only cars, buses, SUVs and van's. NTM may rise up in the near future to expand their production to other types of vehicles to start competing alongside Innosons.

Innoson recently rolled out its truck. And it's a garbage truck.

Actually, Innoson Motors and National Truck Manufacturers LTD do not produce the cars completely. They are only assembly plants and buy some of the spare parts outside Nigeria. 70% of the car parts used by Innoson are gotten here in Nigeria while the remaining parts are imported into the country, from Germany, China and Japan.


NTM has just released a garbage truck model

Even at that, Nigeria can still boast of having its own local vehicle manufacturing plants. With the Federal Government of Nigeria being supportive, these local manufacturing plants can rise to become Nigeria's car providers, thus stamping out importation of vehicles.

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Jane Osuagwu
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