5 persons including military personnel burnt to death in Kaduna auto crash


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5 persons were burnt to death in a car accident involving a Volkswagen that happened in Kaduna-Kachi road. People found 2 military uniforms in victims' suitcase. Read more details below!

Five persons have been burnt beyond recognition in a ghastly car crash which happened on Sunday afternoon, on Kaduna-Kachia Road, Kaduna State.

Reports gathered by Naijauto say the accident was between two vehicles that collided into each other, just 56 kilometers outside Kaduna.


5 persons were burnt to death on this spot in Kaduna state

Local media personnel who was at the scene of the crash said that one of the cars was a green Volkswagen and having JJJ 220 BB as its number plate. The other car was completely totaled.

Three of the victims were said to be inside the burnt vehicle while another charred body was spotted by the side of the burnt car.

Two other passengers, though not burnt, were found lying dead. One of them had both legs broken with some teeth falling off.

Observers at the scene saw two military uniforms inside a travelling case and we're of the view that one of the passengers could be an army officer.


The Kaduna-Kachia road has witnessed many serious car accidents

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A man who took to controlling traffic that has built up as a result of the incident said that when he got to the scene was the moment the Volkswagen driver was being taken out of the car after sustaining severe injuries and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Speaking further, he disclosed that some hours after the crash, no officials of the FRSC nor from the police command were yet to show up at the scene despite the army checkpoint that was just a few kilometers away from the crash.

This is quite unfortunate.

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