Jowi Zaza' cars and jets: Can you find one who loves color white more than him?


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When you are very rich, celebrities easily associate with you. Billionaire Jowi Zaza posted his ₦115m Lamborghini on IG, and Nigerian stars made comments! Also, watch his luxury lifestyle through Insta pics below!

Jowi Zaza's latest car - The Rolls-Royce Cullinan

If you are a close follower of the young businessman, you must have heard about Jowi Zaza's Rolls-Royce Cullinan, one of the most sought after SUVs celebrities love to own. This car costs him ₦280 million. This makes us wonder how much is Jowi Zaza's net worth to make that bold purchase, we will soon make a post about it.

Putting on the white coating, the first and only Rolls-Royce SUV joins the young man's car collection of various exotic cars of the same exterior color.


The whopping ₦280 million makes it the priciest car in Jowi Zaza's garage

Jowi Zaza's Lamborghini & reactions from Nigerian celebrities

Last year, Nigerian Oil Tycoon, JowiZazaa, was the center of attraction on Instagram as he posed with his Lamborghini Aventador estimated to cost ₦115m, banging the Instagram with his a photo of him leaning on the exotic beast on a day in November. According to sources, the 35-year-old bought the exotic whip for himself in celebration of his birthday at the beginning of 2019.


Jowi Zaza looking fancy by his exotic Lamborghini

Considering the post made by the billionaire who hails from Anambra State, he was stepping out to a wedding. His post was captioned: “Wedding guest #code19“. Jowi is seen leaning on the white machine in his equally stylish white outfit, looking really good. By the side, are heavy-looking security personnel in suit. Several Nigerian celebrities trooped to the comment section of his post to drop messages, hailing him.

See the comments below:




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Jowi Zaza's cars and jet collection

Jowi is reportedly one of the richest young men in the country. His lifestyle is a fairytale to many people.

In his car fleet are some of the most expensive cars on earth, ranging from Bentley, Mercedes to Lamborghini. Here are several pics we got from his Insta posts.


Jowi Zaza's house is always flooded with exotic cars


You will see that there are many amongst his cars are white models


Can you see a G-Class right behind this Lamborghini?


Maybe he needs a break from all the automotive things. How about riding a bike?


Imagine you have to wash your exotic cars regularly to keep them always shiny


This suicide door Lamborghini is just a wonder to behold in Nigeria


He's caught beside his white Lamborghini the most


This coupe is just so sleek!

And not just cars, this oil tycoon is interested in jets and helicopters as well. Here is a picture he posted on Insta, showcasing his balance skill on his helicopter!


JowiZaza's life looks like coming from a fairy tale, isn't it?


This is the latest photo of Jowi Zaza being on his private jet, uploaded on his Instagram on April 24

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