Jos-Abuja road accident: Two people were burnt to death


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The victims were burnt beyond recognition in an auto accident on the Jos-Abuja Road, involving two trucks on Sunday. Click here to see the full story!

An auto crash involving 2 vehicles on the Jos-Abuja Road, has been reported to us here, which has left 2 people dead and other 1 injured.


2 people were burnt to death in a road crash involving 2 articulated vehicles on Jos-Abuja road

A petroleum product tanker and a Man Diesel truck were transporting some flammable products when the mishap occurred and were immediately engulfed in fire. This fire incident however resulted to the victims getting burnt beyond recognition.

From what we learnt, the accident occurred on Sunday, leading to total road blockage by Ganawuri Hills, forcing motorists to change their routes.


Accidents rise during December due to increased travellers and reckless nature of the drivers

According to Mr. Andrew Bala, who happens to be the Public Education Officer of Plateau State’s FRSC, made a confirmation of this unfortunate incident.

He said:

“A crash occurred on Sunday at the Riyom Ganawuri area around 9.20am and it involved two articulated vehicles, a Man Diesel and a tanker.

“The fatal crash involved six male adults, out of which one was injured and two were burnt beyond recognition as a result of an explosion of the flammable materials the vehicles were conveying.

“There is a total blockage of the road at the Ganawuri Hills as a result of the wreckage from the collision.”

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