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From the controversial transfer when he's 18 to his father was 2 times kidnapped, we collected them all here along John Obi Mikel cars. Check inside to see more!

1. Mikel Obi profile

As usual, let's warm up with brief facts first before moving to John Obi Mikel cars & juicy gossips revolving around him!

Who is Mikel Obi?

Mikel Obi, full name John Michael Nchekwube Obinna, is a Nigerian professional football player who is playing for Nigeria national team and Tianjin TEDA – a Chinese football club. Mikel Obi was born on April 22, 1987 in Jos, Nigeria. The midfielder has reached his 31 earlier this year but is still very active in the football battles.

Who is the richest footballer in Africa? Is it Mikel Obi?

Sorry guys, Mikel Obi is not the richest footballer in Africa. He ranks 7th in fact, behind bigger names as Didier Drogba (2nd) and Samuel Eto’o (1st). The Ivorian forward Didier Drogba has the total net worth of around $90 million, while Samuel Eto’o reaches up to $95 million.


Mikel Obi ranks 7th in the list of richest African footballers

How about Mikel Obi net worth?

According to our latest reports, the Nigerian footballer has an estimated net worth of $30 million, equivalent to 11 billion.

Some other sources state that Mikel Obi’s net worth must be around $57 million but the information hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Mikel Obi salary

The caption of Nigeria national team has played for various famous football clubs ranging from Chelsea to Tianjin Teda. The current salary of Mikel Obi per week in Tianjin Teda is 64.5 million, enough for him to buy several cars.

Mikel Obi wedding and Mikel Obi wife

Mikel Obi got married to his Russian girlfriend Olga Diyachenka in 2013 and they just celebrated their 5-year anniversary along with their 2 lovely angels named Mia and Ava.


Mikel and Olga were friends before moving to love

The twin girls were born in 2015 and didn’t have Igbo or Russian names. Olga explained that’s because they were global citizens. Convincing, isn't it?

2. John Obi Mikel cars

Not only earning huge income from football clubs, Mikel Obi also owns a lot of real estate in Nigerian expensive regions. That’s why buying luxury cars is never a problem to this football player.

Let’s see how many cars this man is owning!

2.1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class – 27.3 million

This might be the first luxury car the footballer acquire in 2012. Expensive as it may seem, this car is just a warm-up for his later car collection.


The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is not often used now

Ever since other cars were imported to his garage, people don’t see Mikel driving this E-Class so often.

2.2. Mercedes-Benz G 500 – 43.6 million

An energetic footballer like Mikel Obi would never miss this powerful off-roader.

With its typical classic design, Mercedes-Benz G500 boasts its solidity and reliability for trips off the beaten track. Either the exterior or interior looks simple but they are all thoroughly equipped with convenient features and necessary gadgets.

The estimated price of this model is $119,900 (~43.6 million)

Too lazy to read? Watch this video!

2.3. Range Rover Sport – 43.6 million

The pricing of this sporty chick is controversial. While some sources estimate its tag is just 22 million, others insist it must be equally costly as the Benz G 500 above, at 43.6 million.


The price of Mikel’s Range Rover Sport hasn’t been confirmed

Our opinion? Well, we incline towards the latter as products from the Land Rover is also at the same level with Mercedes, especially the Range Rover Sport lineup.

2.4. Mercedes-Benz G Wagon – 81 million

Just Wow, another legend from Mercedes-Benz but at a much higher level – the G-Wagon, which is worth $222,700 (~81 million).

This SUV, needless to say, is one of the most favored vehicles in the world. The car contains full power accessories, multimedia system, climate control, cruise control and an automatic traction control system.


Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon is truly a legend in the entire auto world

There are many other hi-tech features but we can’t list them all. The only thing you need to know is G-Wagon is always the best in its category!

2.5. Bentley Continental GT – 82 million

This one is probably the most generous investment of this star to automobiles.

Developed based on Rolls-Royce chassis, the 2-door Gran Turismo coupe can be recognized by passers-by in milliseconds. The car can accommodate 4 passengers with spacious leg room with the seat arrangement similar to a sports car.


The football star is frequently seen alongside his Bentley

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3. Mikel Obi: rumors, scandals & revolving stories

3.1. The controversial transfer to Manchester United & Chelsea

Thanks to his remarkable performance in football youth clubs, Mikel was called on Nigerian national team to fight in 2003 FIFA Under-17 World Championships, where he won Silver Ball for the second best player in the tournament.

In 2005, he was then announced to transfer to Manchester United after this Premier League club signed a deal with Lyn (his club at the time) about this.

However, Chelsea, the Manchester United’s rival, later claimed they had worked directly with Mikel and his agents and reached an agreement. Chelsea said its manager José Mourinho had been impressed with this Nigerian footballer since 2004.


José Mourinho soon recognized the potential of this guy

Of course Lyn denied that and in a hasty press conference, Mikel was presented with a Manchester United shirt. Upon his joining MU, he had received a lot of threatening calls from anonymous sources. Not long after, Mikel was reported to be kidnapped and Manchester United accused Chelsea of conducting this conspiracy. It turns out Mikel had travelled to London with John Shittu (his agent) for personal affairs.

Coming back from 9-day disappearance, Mikel stated that Chelsea was the club he wanted to work with but Manchester United and Lyn had rebuffed his request while his agent was not there.

Both Manchester United and Lyn made complaint to FIFA to resolve the problem but there’s no solution due to insufficient information. Chelsea then volunteered to settle the transfer by paying MU £12 million (5.5 billion) and Lyn £4 million (1.9 billion) to have Mikel.

It turns out Lyn Director had forged official documents related and was discovered few months later. This guy was given a suspended jail sentence in one year.

3.2. Two times father of Mikel Obi was kidnapped before important matches

We must say Mikel Obi has gone through lots of obstacles both in his career and personal life.

In 2011, right before his match against Stoke City, Mikel was informed his father – Michael Obi had been kidnapped. The footballer desperately stated on Sky Sports News that he had tried to help the country, so it’s time the country helped him to find his dad. A week later, Mr. Michael Obi was found alive in Kano.


Mr. Michael was luckily rescued after being kidnapped twice

The second time was in June, 2018 when Mikel prepared to enter a FIFIA World Cup match. He chose to keep it secret until the match ended. 6 days went by and Michael Obi was once again rescued after an intense gunfight.

3.3. Scandal Mikel Obi has 2 children with a different woman

Well, trusted sources reveal that before this Nigerian football star was in relationship with Olga, he had secretly had 2 children with another woman.

The couple had a 7-year-old son and a 4-year-old daughter together but the woman decided to keep a low profile as long as Mikel Obi provides for his children.


The current wife of Mikel ignores all rumors about his past

In fact, he did. He bought them a £500,000 (~230.4 million) house in 2013 and gives her £10,000 a year (~₦4.6 million) to make ends meet. He also promised to buy her a car every 3 or 5 years. That’s enough for a responsible dad, I think.

4. Conclusion

Overall, John Obi Mikel, or Mikel Obi is a talented Nigerian and responsible man to his family. Of course he doesn’t forget to care for himself, by investing quite a good few into the luxury car fleet.

We hope the article on John Obi Mikel cars & juicy gossips revolving around him is helpful to you. Whatever opinion you may have on this man, still hats off for his football talent.

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