Pics of Legendary WWE star John Cena joining cast of Fast and Furious 9


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WWE star John Cena will star in Fast and Furious 9 alongside long-time star of the film, Vin Diesel. Fast & Furious 9 is expected to hit the theatres by May 2020. John Cena is replacing Dwayne Johnson who starred in Fast & Furious 8. See the latest pic of him in the movie cast here!

If you’re an enthusiast of the street racing action film, Fast and Furious then there is amazing news coming in for you on the film come 2020. can confirm that the WWE champion and big-shot car nut, John Cena has been signed by the movie franchise to join the cast of Fast and Furious 9.

John Cena will star in Fast and Furious 9, replacing Dwayne Johnson who is now slated to star in the Fast and Furious spinoff titled: Hobbs & Shaw.

John Cena remarkable achievements

John Cena gained popularity in WWE professional wresting as far back as 1998. He has also won and lost many championships. He was once a five-time United States champion, a four-time world tag team champion and a WWE sixteen-time world champion among several others.

Interestingly, Cena has made an interesting transition into the entertainment industry. He has performed voice-overs for animated TV characters and featured in a good number of TV series and movies like Daddy's Home with Will Ferrell.

Earlier before that, Cena has attained success as a musician. He released a rap album, You Can't See Me in 2005, which gained a platinum certification in the United States.

Cena also made his debut in the world of automotive entertainment. He reaffirmed his popularity in the news a couple of months back when he got into a legal battle with the Ford Motor Company over the resale of his Ford GT. Owners of the Ford GT had signed papers with the company agreeing not to sell their cars for at least until after two years.

However, John Cena tried to flip his after only owning it for a couple of months. He later agreed to an out of court settlement with the company for an undisclosed amount.

John Cena will star in Fast and Furious 9

Concerning his Fast & Furious debut, John Cena will star in Fast and Furious 9 alongside long-time star of the movie franchise, Vin Diesel who thrilled fans with John Cena’s addition to the Fast and Furious family on his Instagram page .

According to reports, Fast & Furious 9 is scheduled to hit the theaters in May 2020.

Diesel who is a co-star and had played Dominic Toretto in six of the last eight films of Fast and Furious took to his Instagram page to showcase John Cena while referring to him as a gift from the Fast and Furious ex-star who died in 2013, Paul Walker who he referred to as Pablo.

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Vin Diesel announced the news on his Instagram account

In the video, Diesel was heard saying,

“As you know I’m always thinking fast and I think about the responsibility of making something iconic and deserving of your loyalty.”

“I know this sounds crazy but every blue moon I feel like Pablo up there sends me someone, another soldier for the fight for truth and today someone came by the Toretto gym that speaks to what Pablo would have brought.”

He then moved the camera to his left to reveal John Cena who was on a blue shirt beside him. The 42-year-old John Cena smiled, waved and winked at the camera without saying a word.

 “All love, always,” Diesel said.

This is an apparent announcement that John Cena will star in the Fast and Furious 9 slated to come out in May 2020. This heartwarming news comes just months after the franchise’s first spinoff; Hobbs & Shaw which will come out on August 2.


The latest pic revealed John Cena has joined the Fast & Furious 9 cast

Watch the video below!

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