Why not take some time to check out Joe Biden's cars before U.S election ends?


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Joe Biden cars are made of classic cars which are quite expensive. Check to see the cars he's driving now!

All eyes are on the United States of America as they are in the process of deciding who will become their next president through their electoral votes. The Presidential candidates slugging it out at the polls happen to be the former Vice president Joe Biden and incumbent president Donald Trump. Biden is representing the Democratic party while Trump is contesting under the Republican party.

From the live news updates regarding the US Presidential election, Biden is leading in terms of the votes. However, both candidates will be needing 270 electoral votes each to win the presidency.

So, while we wait for the votes to be collated and the winner announced, Naijauto will be spotlighting Joe Biden's cars to see the cars he'll be edging to victory with if he becomes the winner. Not many of you know this, but Biden is a car dude. Yes! As a child growing up, Biden's father owned a car dealership which gave him more access to try out rides than most of his friends then. With that being said, let's check out Joe Biden cars.


Joe Biden is the Democrats presidential nominee in the US presidential election!

1.1969 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

78-year-old Biden has a family history attached to his green Corvette. The car was a wedding gift from his father's car dealer when he got married to his first wife Neilia Hunter in 1967. Sadly, Neilia died in an accident with their 13-month-old daughter, Naomi, five years later. After that, Joe Biden got married to Jill Biden, his current wife.

The Chevy Corvette is an American-made muscle car. It is about 327 cubic inches and powered by an L79 V8 engine that delivers 350 hp, with a 4-speed manual transmission. The classic car can do the 0-60 mph acceleration in 5.8 seconds. The Chevy Corvette's current condition is still pristine considering that Biden has been maintaining the car. Its market value is $88,700(₦34 million)

The presidential candidate loves to cruise around in his beloved muscle car. He’s known to have the drag-raced US former Secretary of State, Colin Powell. with his Corvette on a "Jay Leno Garage" TV show held in 2016. The Corvette is the only ride Biden has ever loved. And if he becomes the US President, he won't be able to drive his car as the Secret Service prohibits the president to drive. Even when his term ends, he won't drive for six months.


The green Corvette was a wedding gift from Biden's late father, Joe Sr!

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Joe and former US Secretary of States, Collins during a drag race in 2016!

Check out Biden's Corvette convertible!

2. Mercedes-Benz 190 SL

The Mercedes Benz 190 SL is a two-door exotic Sports car built between 1955 and 1963. It runs on a 105 PS Type M121 1.9L straight-four SOHC engine that puts out 104 hp. The roadster came with a twin-choke dual Solex carburettor and is available either as a soft-top convertible or with a removable hardtop.

Biden says he's already had 100,000 miles on his Mercedes-Benz 190 SL. The car is a classic one and is being sold for $92,000(₦35 million)


Biden loves classic cars just like this Mercedes-Benz 190 SL!

Above is a list of Joe Biden cars. Though Joe Biden and his wife's net worth are currently worth $9 million dollars, the presidential candidate has a taste for modest cars. He isn't living a glamorous lifestyle to go looking for the latest cars. Who knows when we next see him; he'll be riding in the United States presidential state car.

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