Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich FC crashes ₦67.3million Mercedes-AMG S63 defying COVID-19 lockdown


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Football star, Jerome Boateng crashed his ₦67.3million Mercedes-AMG S63 sedan and caused more than ₦10million worth of damage while defying COVID-19 lockdown.

Many celebrities and football stars are unaware that most of their fans look up to them as role models. It’s disappointing to find in news reports that; Jerome Boateng of Bayern Munich FC did not only crash his Mercedes-AMG S63 luxury car but also caused ₦10million worth damages while defying the government’s COVID-19 lockdown order.


Football star, Jerome Boateng crashed his Mercedes-AMG S63 sedan while defying COVID-19 lockdown

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Jerome Boateng really put his life at risk with this kind of disobedience despite the fact that the accident occurred while he was returning from visiting his son who is said to be very ill. He crashed his Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet sedan that is worth ₦67.3million despite the German government lockdown directive. The reports claim that he also ended up causing damages worth $27,000 (₦10million) that his insurance policy might not necessarily cover.

According to reports, Jerome was supposed to drive on winter tires but instead drove his Mercedes car from Leipzig with regular tires which led to the car skidding off the icy road into a motorway barrier. Jerome now has to pay for the damages caused by this accident and at the same time pay the fine his club charged him. He is being punished by his football club for leaving Bayern Munich without getting proper approval during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Jerome Boateng’s Mercedes-AMG S63 is one beautiful luxury Cabriolet car that also comes with amazing performance

We do hope none of Nigeria's top, richest footballers with their cars at home or abroad will behave in this fashion. It should be noted, however, that representatives of the football club say that all of the fines that Jerome is charged to pay will be donated to the local hospitals in Munich. And Boateng himself has since spoken to the press about the incident. In a recent interview, he said;

“I accept every fine in the world if it is justified. And I know that it was certainly a mistake not to let the club know about my trip, but at that moment I was just thinking of my son.”

“His health was not good. When a son calls his father, then of course I’ll still go, no matter what time.

I accept every fine for him, after all, that’s my son”

“I want to see the father which doesn’t leave in such a moment to be with his four-year old son. I think it’s sad.”

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