Jennifer Lopez gets a ₦51 million Porsche 911 GTS as 50th birthday gift from fiancé Alex Rodriguez!


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When your fiance's financially loaded to drop ₦51 million on a Porsche as a birthday gift, then you do keep singing "I'm Jenny from the blocks!" Read more!

American singer, actress, Jennifer Lopez is having an exceptional birthday this year!

Popularly known as JLO, the singer-turned-actress clocked 50th years yesterday and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez decided to treat her to a 2019 Porsche 911 GTS worth $140,000 (₦51 million).


Take a look at Jennifer Lopez's 50th birthday gift-2019 Porsche 911 GTS

Naijauto knows this is more than just a birthday. It’s a golden jubilee celebration! And Jlo's fiance, Alex, unarguably knows how to take it over the top to make it special and memorable for JLO.

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Paparazzi caught some shots of JLo and Alex taking the Porsche out for a ride. They weren't alone as a cameraman was seen at the backseat recording a video of the golden moment.


Jlo and Alex taking the Porsche out for a ride, while a cameraman records the memorable moment

Meanwhile, before Alex presented the birthday gift to his soon-to-be wife, he took a walk around the Porsche to inspect it. The car came with her name JLO written on the license plate.

And of course, Jennifer Lopez didn't celebrate her 50th birthday low key. She had a large birthday party at a private home according to sources.


JLO, her fiance Alex and friends at her 50th birthday party. She rocked a customized Versace dress for the special occasion

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We only live once and for someone who clocked 50 years, still looking young, inspiring people and making things happen, it's worth celebrating.

We wish Jennifer Lopez more fruitful years to come

Happy birthday, JLO!

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