Inside ₦145b Flying Fox Mega Yacht of the world richest man – Jeff Bezos


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Check out the world richest man – Jeff Bezos’ rumored ₦145bn new Flying Fox Mega Yacht that has a Cinema, Sauna, Gym, Pool and 2 Helipads. See the video below!

Naijauto wouldn’t be the first to break it to you that Jeff Bezos – the 55-year-old Amazon CEO is the world’s richest man, right?

Jeff Bezos is now declared to have over $113.5 billion (₦41 trillion) estimated net worth which explains why he wouldn’t be shy to buy anything he desires at the moment with such money.


Meet the current “world richest man” – Jeff Bezos, with over $113.5 billion (₦41 trillion) estimated a net worth

Not too long ago, Bezos – the Amazon CEO was reported to have acquired a $42 million (₦16 million) clock, spent $80 million (₦29 billion) on a New York City penthouse, and also acquired a $65 million (₦24 billion) private jet. But he is about to face serious petitions again for a pending issue of “underpaid” Amazon employees after a media company in Turkey recently reported that the billionaire has just acquired a brand-new $400 million (₦145 billion) Flying Fox Mega Yacht.

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This is the brand-new ₦145 billion Flying Fox Mega Yacht rumored to belong to “world richest man” – Jeff Bezos

This 450 ft-long, 67ft-wide Megayacht was built by Lürssen in 2019 and has got 11 VIP rooms which will conveniently accommodate as much as 22 guests. The interior design of the Megayacht was done by Mark Berryman while the exterior was done by Espen Oeino.


This ₦145 billion “Flying Fox” Mega Yacht is definitely a “beauty to behold” at night!

Based on the length of this Flying Fox, it is listed as the 14th largest yacht in the world. It features a gigantic swimming pool which runs from one side of the deck to another, a cinema, a jacuzzi, 2 helipads – one is situated on the bridge deck and the other on the sun deck.

The Megayacht also comes with a very big beach club that has got enough rooms to store Sea Bobs, and Jet Skis. It also features a 2-deck spa that comprises a massage area, a sauna and a gym.

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You can enjoy a warm jacuzzi inside this ₦145 billion “Flying Fox” Mega Yacht while sailing the cold ocean


The “Flying Fox” Mega Yacht has got all of the luxuries you can imagine!

Superyacht news claims that this Flying Fox mega yacht doesn’t belong to the tech billionaire, Jeff Bezos; but instead is just a part of the fleet of a yacht belonging to the Monaco-based Imperial that is available for charter purposes.

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  Flying Fox | World's largest yacht for charter

But even if it were just rumors; only people with huge “pockets” like Jeff Bezos can afford a whopping $4.4 million (or ₦1.6 billion) per week just to roam the mighty oceans in this “Flying Fox” mega-yacht; true or false?

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