Japan sets up task force for deadly coronavirus to aid auto industry


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Japan has set up a strong task force to help the auto industry in the midst of the deadly coronavirus.

From what we learned here, Japan is taking drastic steps in combating the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, by setting up a task force that acts as a link between the government and auto industry.


The global auto supply chains have been severely affected by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China

The main reason for this step is to give necessary assistance to car manufacturers and suppliers in the midst of possible disruptions that could be caused by this deadly virus. Information, finance and policy support will be shared by the task force as time goes on.

Coordination of communication and monitoring of new development will be carried out by the group while partnering with the government of Japan in proffering solutions to supply chain issues.

According to report, Nissan has already taken steps in closing some of its manufacturing plants such as one in Kyushu, South-West Japan on the 14th and 17th of February and output will be stopped from 24 February 2020. Other automakers such as Toyota, Mazda, Honda and Mitsubishi, have stopped production already in China but not yet in Japan.


Many automakers in Japan and other countries are already shutting down operations until they find a cure for this deadly virus

>>> Since the outbreak of this deadly coronavirus, the global auto market has taken a major hit. This is why the deadly coronavirus is expected to strongly affect the global auto industry

Since the outbreak of this deadly coronavirus, the global auto market has been seriously affected, from the supply of transmission to steering systems. At the beginning of February, Renault and Hyundai put an end to their operations in South Korea. Due to a shortage in components, Fiat had to stop the production of 500L in Serbia while Nissan is already thinking of stopping production in the United States and Europe.

As we speak, Chinese partner of Nissan, Dongfeng Motors, has halted every operation in Wuhan, where the deadly virus started from in the first place. All factories within that province will be on lockdown till it is safe to start operations.

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