Auto royalty! Japan’ new emperor rides a Toyota Century convertible limo for his coronation


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Emperor Naruhito is definitely not taking the choice of brand by his father who used classic Corniche convertible by Rolls Royce but utilizes a Japanese-made automobile. Check out what he will use for his coronation!

Emperor Naruhito, who is the new Japan’s head of state, has officially ascended the throne of his father recently on Wednesday. He however chose Toyota Century as his official royal transport for daily activities.

His coronation, which is coming up this October will feature newly installed Emperor Naruhito riding in a specially commissioned, Toyota Century’s one-off open-top that hasn’t been seen yet in the public.

It was reported that, the Emperor’s father, Emperor Akihito, who left the throne in favour of his son, chose the classic Corniche convertible by Rolls Royce during his own coronation in 1990. That same Corniche was used the wedding of Naruhito held in 1993.


Corniche convertible by Rolls Royce used by Emperior Akihito, the father to the newly installed emperor

The most luxurious model Toyota offer is based on the Lexus LS Hybrid sedan, which is the last generation. The ultra-exclusive Japan-only Toyota Century Limousine is quite popular among reality, CEO and the politicians. Its starting price is $180,000 (~N65 million) if you are thinking of getting one for yourself.

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The new emperor is set on making a statement in his coronation through his choice of brand and model

The CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda also uses the customized Century with a sporty tine from the Toyota’s Gazoo Racing performance division.

Toyota's Rolls-Royce for half the money - the incredible 2018 Century | Top10s

The features to be enjoyed in the newest Toyota Century include the 11.6-inch entertainment screen with a 20-speaker stereo system. The vehicle is powered by a directly injected V8 engine of 5.0-liter, adapted from Lexus LS600H. It also comes with 2-stage electric motor with a generative capability of 425hps as combined output.

So far, 50 units are hand assembled every month by a group of Toyota master craftsmen, who are specially trained.

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