James Martin cars which are more entertaining to the TV Chef than getting married or having kids


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Check out the TV chef whose priority is adding more cars to his car collections than getting married and having babies.

The name James Martin may not ring a bell to your ears, especially if you are not residing in the UK and also if you don't watch BBC's Saturday Kitchen.

James Martin is a TV chef and host of BBC's Saturday Kitchen. He’s not just a host. He is also a car collector and an impressive one at that. James Martin cars span across new models, modern and expensive models. One of the TV chef's rare collection is the 1948 Maserati A6GCS. This rare classic car had only 15 of it ever produced.


James Martins is so much in love with classic models

He sure has a thing for cars than building a family and he didn't hide the fact as he disclosed it in an interview that he prefers adding more cars to his collections to having a baby or getting married.

Here is what the 46 years old James said when he was asked if he has thought of having his own kids.

I go round to my mate's house, who has four kids, and realize that I don't want them after about two minutes

Kids are great, but it's just no, not for me. You sacrifice so much in this work and the job and everything else. Never, no.


His metal babies even interest him more than getting married


He got himself personalised number plates

Although the BBC Saturday kitchen host had dated some women in the past and is currently living with his girlfriend (PA Louise Davies), he said he's much happier in his life than ever. He prefers spending his money on maintaining current items, taking care of his two dogs (Cooper and Ralph) and investing in his car collections to raising kids.

He calls his cars "babies" so the reason he's focusing his attention and energy on them. See as he puts it while he was interviewed.

My mates come round and they look into my garage and I go, ‘These are my babies, these are my things,’ but you know, it's each to their own, isn't it?

And when he was asked if he will get married, he said

No, it doesn’t interest me in the slightest, mainly because I’ve catered for so many weddings, really. 

I admire people who do it, that’s fine, but I’m quite happy. I don’t need to spend £60,000 on a day, no, I’m more than happy, thanks


James Martins is a celebrity chef in Britain


He is very active in car-showboating events

The TV chef who is known to have kept his relationship with his live-girlfriend of seven years Aside James' 1984 Maserati, he has in his collections a Lotus 340R,a Shelby Mustang, a vintage Chevrolet Corvette, three F1 cars, two Ferrari Daytona’s, a 275,a Ford Prefect and several Mini Coopers.

The TV chef painstakingly saw that most of his cars were restored under his direct supervision. This is to show you how committed he is to his cars so one shouldn't blame him for calling them his babies as he takes proper care of them.

James is no longer hosting the BBC Saturday Kitchen but is presently hosting James Martin American Adventure.

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Video: Fifth Gear Behind the Scenes - James Martin

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