Meet the TV chef who’d rather have more cars than wife or kids!


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Many people would give anything to get married or have babies, but not James Martin. He'd rather spend all his money on exotic cars. See why he prefers that!

Marriage and child bearing might be a big deal to many people, but some people don’t share that belief. One of such persons is James Martin. The 46-year-old Chef who is the host of “Saturday Kitchen” aired on BBC disclosed this in an interview.

Reasons why James Martin doesn't want to have kids

Speaking in the interview, James acknowledges the importance of kids, but says they just aren’t for him. His belief that kids aren’t for him is reinforced whenever he goes over to his friend’s house who has four kids. It takes only two minutes for him to realize that he doesn’t want to have any.


James Martin and his long-term girlfriend in an event

James has been reported to have dated three different women in the past and he currently lives as a couple with his girlfriend who also doubles as his PA, but that’s just it.

James Martin car collection

Cars top the list of the things that get him excited the most. He has a collection of cars that include the following: vintage Chevrolet Corvette, Lotus 340R, Shelby Mustang, 2 Ferrari Daytonas, Ford Prefect and 2 retired Formula One cars.

He’s proud to show off his cars to his friends, referring to the machines as his babies.


The TV chef considers these cars as his kids

When asked about the possibility of getting married, James reveals that marriage doesn’t interest him at all. He says this might be because he has planned many weddings. He expresses his admiration for people who go ahead to get married. However, he has no regrets not walking down the aisle. He reveals that he’s quite happy without being married. According to him, he doesn’t have to spend over sixty thousand pounds on a wedding to be happy.

James treats his collection of cars like any parent would treat their child. He spends lots of money in buying and maintaining them. Check some of his cars below!





Do you think James Martin chose a smart move?

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