An open-top Land Rover will be James Bond's car in the next movie


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What if we told you that the new James Bond’s car won’t be an electric Aston Martin but a much older non-electric car, or an open-top Land Rover to be more exact? See the new car here now!

No one here at could claim not being surprised at the newly discovered James Bond’s car in the next movie! It’s very much less glamorous than expected.

1. James Bond's next car: An open-roof Series III Land Rover

Everyone is already aware that a new James Bond movie is on its way, and rumours have been spreading around about the car to be featured being an electric Aston Martin.

The yet-to-be-titled new James Bond movie has begun shooting earlier this week with the “Bond” actor Daniel Craig spotted behind the wheel of a new vehicle. It happens to be surprisingly not an electric or gasoline Aston Martin. It is rather a quite opposite of all that has been expected.

Bond behind the wheels of the old Land Rover while shooting a scene

Yes, in this new movie, Bond has been driving an old open-roof Series III Land Rover vehicle. The actual synopsis for the “Bond 25” movie is officially plotted such that it begins with James Bond in Jamaica enjoying his retirement. This has so far been the scene where some of the new pictures below have been taken and no one knows yet how this old Land Rover fits into the entire story.


This is the open-roof Series III Land Rover seen driven by James Bond in the new movie

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Land Rover has in fact been reported to have confirmed its involvement in this new movie. This is obviously a continuation of a relationship that had started as far back as the James Bond’s 20th movie titled “Die Another Day” when the firm was very much still under Ford’s ownership back then.

Even with this latest discovery, the rumoured Aston Martin’s involvement has still been confirmed to be true, but there is no information to confirm if the brand will be supplying electric cars for the movie’s production or not.

Considering the typical James Bond’s movie settings, this featured old Blue open-roof Series III Land Rover vehicle would not really be ideal at all for escaping or chasing bad guys. So, we just have to wait till 8th of April 2020 with the hope of seeing “Mr Bond” in a more potent vehicle by the time this new movie finally hits cinemas.

2. What about the rumored Aston Martin Rapide E?

All of the previously circulating James Bond’s car-related rumours have centred around the Rapide E which is Aston Martin’s newly revealed first all-electric production vehicle.

The twin-motor drive system of the Aston Martin Rapide E sends around 602 horsepower to the car’s rear wheel and propels it from 0 to 96kph (60mph) in under 4 seconds with a limited top speed of 250 kph (155mph).

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This is the Rapide E – Aston Martin’s newly revealed first all-electric production vehicle

The Rapide E has been set to be produced in Wales at the Aston Martin’s new St. Athan plant, which happens to also be the plant handling the assembly process of the company’s first SUV – the all-new DBX SUV.

It is already known that just 155 units of this Rapide E car are expected to be produced officially. Then if that is the case, for the new James Bond movie to feature this vehicle, no one is sure whether one unit from this number will have to be used during the filming process or the company will make replicas or additional cars for the film especially.

What if the old blue open-roof Series III Land Rover eventually became the most used car by James Bond in this new movie?

We hope not!

It is most likely that most fans will be highly disappointed because the trend of fast cars with cutting edge technology is what people always look out for in every new James Bond movie.

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