Jaguar Land Rover experiments mood-detection system to help reduce drivers stress


Posted by: Jane Osuagwu

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If my car can understand my stressed mood and make me feel relaxed while driving on the road, I would definitely love it! Jaguar Land Rover is about to make it a reality with their AI mood-detection system!

Would you love to own and drive a car that can detect your mood? Like the car knows when you're happy, sad, stressed...huh?

Naijauto knows you'll definitely love it and that's why we're happy (and not moody) to let you know that Jaguar Land Rover is working on artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can detect a driver's mood and that of his passengers while he's behind the wheels.

The British car manufacturer said they're experimenting on an AI technology, which makes use of a driver-facing camera to know how a driver feels, with the use of biometric sensors. It is followed by the car adjusting some features in the car to make the occupants more comfortable.


With the mood-detection system, a driver's mood can be known, which is followed by adjusting some features to make him feel better

By capturing the face on the camera, the mood-detection system is able to monitor the facial expressions to find out the stress levels of the driver and automatically goes ahead to adjust features like climate control, audio system and ambient lighting to help him relax.

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In essence, if the system detects that a driver is stressed up, the ambient lighting will be adjusted to show calming colours.If it also determines traces of tiredness, the mood-detection system may play your favourite song. This is beautiful. And who wouldn't lighten up at the sound of their favourite track?


The AI technology also extends to rear-seat passengers, to help them enjoy the ride

Jaguar Land Rover isn't stopping at front seat only but is also extending the mood-sensing technology to back seat passengers. To achieve this, they will make use of a camera that's placed at the back of the front headrest. The front system will take up the job of keeping drivers awake and alert while the rear seat system will tint the windows, dim the lights and increase the temperature to enable rear passengers to sleep off.

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According to the car manufacturer,

"we are researching the technology as part of our tranquil sanctuary vision to improve the driving experience and create a sanctuary inside each of these luxury vehicles."

The aim of this program is to make sure drivers don't sleep off while behind the wheels, rather they will be at alert and in control of the car. The passengers are expected to be comfortable enough to enjoy the ride.

Watch how the AI technology works

Jaguar Land Rover claims that the AI system will come to know a driver's choices with time and then make adjustments. The automaker is supporting the vision with a study which revealed that 74% of people get stressed daily.

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