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Much of our childhood is owed to this legendary entertainer, Jackie Chan. He is not just the great stunt master and funny actor we know him for; click here to see his car collection!

Is there anyone that hates Jackie Chan? Hell no! For so many years, the man from Hong Kong has brought smiles to many faces and for that, we owe him our childhood and will remain in people’s hearts forever. The 64-year-old Kungfu movie legend has had a great influence on the course of action films in Hollywood especially with his incredible stunts. He has been a remarkable entertainer, especially the funny side of him and the realness of his numerous movies.

Before moving to Jackie Chan's car collection, let's find out some facts about this guy!

1. Facts about Hollywood Kung Fu Legend - Jackie Chan

  • How many wives and children does Jackie Chan have?

Well, for many that didn't know; Jackie's wife, Feng-Jiao Lin, has appeared in more than seventy movies and she is the love of his life. The award winning actress popularly known as Joan Lin, had quit her acting career after her marriage to Jackie, to fully devote herself to her new family. She gave birth to Jason, who happens to be the only son of Jackie. Jackie however had a daughter, Etta Ng Chok Lam, from an extra-marital affair with a beauty queen, Elaine Ng.


Jackie Chan with his wife, Joan and their only son, Jason Chan

  • What is Jackie Chan net worth?

Jackie has appeared in over 124 films all through his career, with countless broken bones, several awards, memorable scenes and lots more. Currently, his net worth is estimated at whopping  ₦144.4 billion ($400 million), according to Forbes. This means he is a very rich man and should be able to comfortably afford any car he desires.


Jackie Chan's super expensive luxury home in the United States

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2. Jackie Chan's car collection

We have witnessed Jackie effortlessly drive Mitsubishi models in many of his movies, and we sometimes wonder on the kind of automobiles he has in his garage. Anyway, we are here on Naijauto, to feed your curiosity about the type of luxury cars in Jackie Chan collection.

Jackie Chan's Car Collection & Private Jet ★ 2018

  • Subaru Impreza WRX STI

The Impreza WRX STI by Subaru is another high-performance car with a worldwide appeal. This car used to be at the centre of Jackie’s heart and has been spotted several in it. It comes equipped with 2.5-liter turbocharged flat-four engine with a generative output of 305 horsepower. At a cost of $35,000 (~N12.6 million), this muscular car seems economical enough.


The high-performance car owned by Jackie is pretty cheap for its $35,000 asking price

  • Lamborghini Aventador

Jackie may be one of the most simple-looking and humble celebrities you know but the man has an eye for style. His Lamborghini Aventador is a proof to that. Although he hasn’t done any noteworthy modification on the luxury car performance but it comes with a custom Nero Ade forged black wheels.


Jackie's Lamborghini Aventador was designed to his choice of taste and preference

The design of this Aventador was done according to Jackie Chan’s taste and preference. It was painted with a Titanium Gray colour while the calipers of the brake are coated in red. When it comes to the cabin design, it offers a setup of black and red theme with the name of Jackie being stitched on headset and the doors.

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  • The Limited Edition Jackie Chan Evo IX

Fifty examples of this Jackie Chan Special Edition Lancer Evo IX version were manufactured by Mitsubishi in 2015 and were given the name ‘Ralliart’. The Fire Sports was put in charge to manage most part of the production of this model. Consequently, honorary director’s position of the Ralliart team was bestowed on Jackie and the Japanese tuning specialist. For his commitment to the brand, he was gifted the insanely fast model.


Not surprised he got this gift from Mitsubishi car brand which is featured in many of his movies

  • Bentley Mulsanne

Jackie Chan in 2013 signed a partnership with Bentley for an appearance in a short film where he acted the role of a chauffeur, hereby relaying stories right from his teen’s days. Every detail on how he started earning money and giving it back to the world, was shared in this short film. This luxury Bentley Mulsanne is a gift and appreciation to Jackie’s commitment and service to humanity, most especially Chinese children.


Jackie Chan pictured alongside his Bentley Mulsanne

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  • Mitsubishi 3000GT Prototype

The car was firstly driven in the ‘City Hunter’ movie by Jackie Chan himself. It is very obvious he loved that experience in this amazing car to the extent that he made a request for the car to be kept with him by the film producers. We can see why Jackie loves this incredible sports car as it comes equipped with V6 twin-turbo engine, in a bright reddish colour and ability to accelerate from a standstill of zero to 100kmph in just 5.5 seconds. The car offers a peak speed of 256kmph and is still breathing in Jackie’s expensive car collection.


Jackie Chan acquired this fast sports car immediately after the amazing experience in it while shooting his movie

3. Conclusion

What do you think of Jackie Chan’s car collection? Do you think it can compete with the car collection of other powerful Hollywood superstars like these below?

Whether yes or no, one thing is quite sure; Jackie Chan is a big fan of beautiful cars and who knows the kind of car he is adding to his collection next.

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