IYCN: First reliable auto import company ever established in Nigeria


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Import Your Car Nigeria works to offer individuals with the platform to get their desired cars.

In recent years, importing vehicles from large used car markets including the US, Europe and Canada has become popular, as more Nigerians are aware of how cost-effective it is against buying cars from dealers.

However, the insufficient experience in the procedure somehow remains a hurdle preventing most of Nigerians wishing to buy cars through this channel. Fortunately, recently a company with broad experience in auto import procedures just been launched in Lagos.

The company named Import Your Car Nigeria works to offer individuals with a platform to get their desired cars. The procedure the company helps their customers with will be as follows:

  • Search for the vehicles
  • Make bids or buy
  • Do the shipment
  • Proceed the local custom clearing

Import Your Car Nigeria will be your reliable partner getting you through the barrier of import more easily when it is licensed by both the Nigerian government and many auto auction companies from Canada and the US.

In her speech in the opening ceremony of the company, Mrs. Ada Atoba, Sales and Operation General Manager of Import Your Car Nigeria, said their first and foremost aim is to help more Nigerian car buyers to own their desired cars which suit their budgets.

She also expressed the company's pledge to help their customers to make the best deals through advice and support. Their business is based on building customer’s trust and satisfaction.

The website of Import Your Car Nigeria

You can access the service by visiting the website www.importyourcar.ng or call  phone number 08021-811-811

She also guided the attendants to complete the purchase procedure. Accordingly, you can access the service by visiting the website www.importyourcar.ng, call phone number 08021-811-811 or visit their corporate office at Suite 212, Ikeja Plaza, 81 Mobolaji Bank Anthony way Ikeja Lagos. After that, you need to complete a customer order form. Then, you make a commitment with an amount of refundable money and they will contact you within 1-2 working days. You will have three options of desired car, sale mode and location, and buy it now or bid. You will be informed of the max bid that considers all the costs for the vehicle to reach Lagos, including customs clearance cost. Mrs. Ada Atoba added that the delivery after a deal has been made normally ranges between 45 to 60 days.

The company is now working hard to reach its ambition of accounting for ten percent of all imported vehicles in Nigeria.

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