Shocking moment Italian police used Lamborghini Huracan to transport kidney in just 2 hours


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The Italian State Police have completed an insane feat of delivering a donor kidney within 2 cities, covering 300 miles in just 2 hours. See How!

What way to save a life other than running 145 miles per hour in order to deliver a donor kidney to the patient in need? Well, this was the case recently in Italy, when the state police used its Lamborghini Huracan to deliver a donor Kidney from Rome to Padua.


The Huracan took just 2 hours to complete the kidney delivery trip that would normally take at least 5 hours

It took the police a shocking two-hour period to cover over 300 miles. Luckily for them, this supercar was made for this kind of emergency, with a specially designed refrigerated frunk. The Lamborghini Huracan was acquired by the Italian police in 2017. Aside from special requests of organ delivery, the supercar is also used for other purposes such as patrol and traffic control. The Italian police reportedly have few similar models for special tasks. This Italian police Huracan supercar should be on the list of coolest police cars on the planet.

When this incredible delivery was complete, the Italian State Place took to social media to post the video of this recent feat. This might look shocking to many who might have witnessed this incident, seeing the police car running and flashing light at insane speed on the highway. From their recent tweet, the police acknowledged the National Transplant Center, the Ministry of Health and the Italian automaker for their roles in making the delivery a possibility.

Here is the video of this remarkable delivery in one of the recent tweets from the Italian State Police.

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The journey to deliver this donor kidney started in Rome, where it was moved in a distance covering 303 miles to Gemelli University Hospital in the Northern city of Padua. The Lamborghini Huracan shuffled between two 2 cities averaging 145 mph in just 2 hours, for a trip that would normally take a minimum of 5 hours.


The V10 insanely fast Lamborghini Huracan came handy when it was time to deliver the donor kidney

People might wonder why they didn’t make use of a helicopter instead since it seems to be a faster option. Apparently, there might be no helicopter within reach and it was a lifesaving situation. In the absence of helicopter, a supercar like Huracan coughing out 620 horsepower from its V10 5.2-litre engine seems to be a wild and effective way of getting the job done.

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