Irate driver guns down 2 children for throwing snowballs at passing vehicles


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Shocking news report of a certain triggered driver that shot at 2 children for throwing snowballs at passing-by cars. Luckily, both escaped death.

The police department of Milwaukee in Wisconsin, U.S.A – recently released a report of one unidentified irate driver who allegedly shot two children who were throwing snowballs at vehicles passing by in the area.


Two kids luckily escape death in the U.S after a furious driver shot them multiple times

In the released police report, it was stated that the two kids were busy playing with some group of other kids before this shooting incident occurred. The report claims that the angry driver allegedly shot the two children after one of their snowballs struck a white Toyota car passing by.

Milwaukee Police Department confirmed this incident in a Tweet:

According to the police, the two children – a 13-year old boy and a 12-year old girl were found minutes afterward. The girl reportedly got shot twice while the boy was taken down for once. Fortunately, both the kids sustained bullet injuries that were not life-threatening.

Also, the police revealed that the angry driver (suspect) is still being searched for as at the time of publishing the reports.

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