Introduce to you the Condofix: Fixing a flat tire with a condom


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Would you ever imagine anyone trying to fix a punctured car tire with a condom and something that seems to be adhesive? Just check out the video in this post!

This is not the worst or most bizarre automobile-related video we have featured here on but this one of those type of videos we certainly could not skip.

Just recently, we stumbled upon a very strange video on YouTube of an unknown man who seems to be a vulcanizer doing a totally bizarre car tire fix with a condom.


The Condofix method praticed by a Nigerian mechanic

The man in the video is seen surrounded by other 2-3 men with one of them supplying him a small can that seems to contain some adhesive substance. This man performing the odd fix captured caught our attention at the moment we realized he was actually holding a red-like color condom in his hands.

Throughout the video, he was actually seen to be trying his best to bock and fix a puncture on the car tire with this condom he had by forcing it into the hole left by the puncture.

Can you just imagine – Fixing a car tire puncture using a condom and adhesive?

Although, it was never really clear to us if the man’s odd fix worked or not. But, for the benefit of you guys, we have added the video below for you to see this bizarre car tire fix for yourselves. Watch the video below:


Condom used to repair a tire

The caption left beneath the video on YouTube was “Condofix”.

We could instinctively guess, it was coined from the two words “condom” and “fix” – “Condofix”.

What an odd and bizarre fix isn't it?

Can you just imagine you going to your local vulcanizer for a car puncture fix only to see them grab a condom and gum to be used for the fix? We can imagine your facial expression in such a scenario Lol. 

We wonder what reactions you guys would have watched the video.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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