Interstate travel ban: Owners of public transport lines lose ₦200bn


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COVID-19: Major players in the Nigerian public transport sector lament over a ₦200billion loss due to the current Interstate lockdown order by the Federal Govt. Read more!

New press reports claim that members of PTONA (Public Transport Owners of Nigeria Association) are lamenting over a huge ₦200 billion loss within a period of just 12-weeks in which the federal government has placed a ban on interstate travel. This is of course in a bid to curb COVID-19 spread in the country.


Owners of public transport lines say they have lost up to ₦200billion in just 3 months due to current Interstate lockdown order by FG

According to reports reaching us, the members of PTONA also decried the loss of 400 lives and the death of about 35% of businesses caused by the interstate ban. Engineer Isaac Uhumwagho, the president of the Association gave out these saddening figures on Friday the 12th of June 2020, in a press conference that was held in Lagos state. He pleaded with the Federal government that the current inter-state travel ban is lifted quickly to avoid further depressing figures and reports.

Engr Isaac stated in his report that more businesses in the Nigerian public transport sector will eventually die if the interstate travel ban is not lifted anytime soon. He further reported that both the big and small businesses in the sector are equally affected by this federal government directive. He pleaded that the government should focus on enforcing health safety protocols and guidelines amidst the pandemic rather than placing an indefinite ban on interstate travel.


Members of PTONA lament over the loss of lives and death of transport businesses 

The president of PTONA explained that non-operation for over 12 weeks now has led to the inability of various transport companies to pay salaries of their staff while several vehicles have also been laying dormant in car parks. He stressed that a lot of money will be needed to restore some of these vehicles if the lockdown continues and some of them happen to end up in even worse conditions.

Speaking of the interstate travel ban, the Federal government has now even declared that schools will only reopen when the ban is lifted. 

The press video below confirms this news;

  Schools to reopen when it is safe and interstate travel ban lifted

And before the federal government lifts the ban on inter-state travel, we recommend you take a few minutes to read up our compilation of Pros & Cons of traveling with public transport lines in Nigeria.

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