Hushpuppi hangs with American rapper Lil Pump, flaunts purple Rolls-Royce


Posted by: Chris Odogwu

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Hushpuppi and Lil Pump are having a great time in Dubai. The two Gucci lovers show off an exotic purple Rolls-Royce in their Insta video. Take a look!

It is no news that Hushpuppi is a big boy. If you are online, especially on Instagram, you must be aware of his flamboyant lifestyle. The Dubai-based Nigerian recently posted a video of himself hanging with American rapper Lil Pump.


Their love for Gucci is unrivaled!

Their meeting is far from being a coincidence. First, both Hushpuppi and Lil Pump have something in common – their love for Gucci. Lil Pump got his big break following the release of his song titled Gucci Gang. It became an instant hit, receiving massive airplay all around the world. Hushpuppi himself is an unrepentant Gucci lover. He wears some of the most expensive pieces the luxury brand has in store.

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Hushpuppi and Lil Pump seem to be close friends in Dubai

In the video, we see a purple Rolls-Royce which Hushpuppi says belongs to Lil Pump. According to him, the rapper owns one in Dubai and another one in the United States. We also see Hushpuppi’s highly-priced Gucci jacket which he adorns.

Watch the video below:


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