Compilation of photos inside Donald Trump's presidential aircraft, the Air Force One


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Sneak peek into the ₦117bn United States’ Air Force One aircraft that has Medical Center, Conference room, Bedrooms, and private suite. See the photos here!

For all the Naijauto readers that have been eager to see photos and details of the world’s most secretive, luxurious and popular US Presidential aircraft – the Air Force One, here it is.

U.S. Air Force One Aircraft – The beauty, elegance, and luxury

First, many people do not know that there are actually two of the Air Force one aircraft. Yes, they are both totally identical Boeing 747-200B aircraft that are known by the call sign “Air Force One” whenever any of them is carrying the President of the United States.

Each of the two Air Force One aircraft features a luxurious private suite that comes with foldable couches, medical centre, press room, conference room, kitchen, bathrooms, and a very spacious personal presidential office.


U.S President - Donald Trump photographed in the Air Force One’s presidential office

Calling these aircraft, a “mobile white house”, will be correct to some extent because they each feature high-level secure communication systems that include TV studio as well as global satellite communications facilities. All these systems enable any U.S president onboard to easily conduct very sensitive governmental business all from the air.

The Air Force One is also designed such that it gets a direct and immediate federal response to any national emergency.

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Former U.S President – Barrack Obama in a meeting holding inside the Air Force One’s Conference room

This presidential “Office-on-the-go” is also capable of operating as an airborne sort of military command centre that allows the US president to easily place a secure telephone call to any world leader and also receive classified and private briefings as well.

Just immediately after the Air Force One’s conference room is the Staff room which has 19 TVs and 85 telephone lines that enable the White House members to “stay in touch” with all the events happening on the ground.


President Donald Trump addressing US White House members in the Air Force One’s staff room

Just adjacent to the Air Force One’s presidential office is the medical compartment. Yes, there are medical doctors that always travel with United States president to readily provide any needed medical treatment. This medical centre within the Air Force One is equipped with an adequate supply of flood, defibrillator, and drugs.

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Each of the United States’ Air Force One has two available Galleys that is capable of handling as much as 100 meals at just one sitting. Supplementary to these Galleys are VIP guest seats and dining rooms as well.  


Catch a glimpse of the US Air Force One’s dining room

There are usually 8 available official U.S presidential pilots that are all staffs of the US Air Force. And the overall U.S. “Presidential Airlift Group” has a total of 326 service members that are all specially dedicated to supporting the operations of the Air Force One aircraft. Most of them deal with supply, maintenance and logistics.

U.S. Air Force One Aircraft – Technical Details and Money worth

Each of the Air Force One aircraft is 232ft long and powered by 4 different jet engines together which delivers a Mach 0.92 (630mph) top speed. Each of the aircraft can also fly at 7,800 miles when fully-fueled. And in case of an emergency, they can be refuelled mid-air.


The elegant 232ft US Air Force one aircraft captured flying over the New York Liberty Island

The United States government paid ₦117 billion ($325 million) for each of the Air Force One aircraft and it also costs a whopping ₦52 million (£116,000) per every hour to just maintain all the earlier mentioned presidential privileges while in-air.

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The U.S. expects delivery of 2 brand-new customized Boeing 747-8 aircraft by 2024 to replace these currently ageing 747-200 aircraft that have both served 5 presidents.

The two expected Boeing 747-8 aircraft will directly or indirectly cost all the taxpayers in the United States a huge ₦1.4 trillion ($3.9 billion).

Yes, you read that right.

The total cost of acquiring and maintaining the expected Air Force One aircraft is close to 1% of entire Nigeria’s 2019 budget of ₦8.8 trillion. Despite all that, one has to reckon the fact that the expected aircraft will be wider, longer, faster and able to go much further than all the older ones.

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