Join Innoson poll today! Vote for the old Logo or the spanking new proposed one!


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Let's check out the newly proposed Innoson Logo vs the old one currently being used and pick the best for the company. The proposed logo is truely impressive, in our opinion. See it!

Innoson (IVM) is undoubtedly one of the leading indigenous car manufacturers in Nigeria that makes us proud at Naijauto with their amazing innovations in the local auto industry. Even though the company has been doing well so far, it recently became open to considering a complete logo makeover.


Old Logo versus newly proposed Logo for Innoson Vehicle manufacturing company – pick one!

Everyone knows that Logos play a big role in efficiently communicating some hidden but unique info about a brand, business or company. It is a very important aspect of any brand, and it goes a long way in terms of a brand’s public imagery.


Does this newly proposed Innoson Logo make you feel anything at all?

We believe that Innoson (IVM) truly understands all of the importance attached to a Logo which is why they are now considering to rebrand the company’s logo. However, they have decided to play it safe by asking the general public via Twitter to help them choose between the company’s old Logo and the newly proposed one. Check out the screenshot of the tweet below;


Innoson needs your help in choosing between its old Logo Vs a newly proposed one on Twitter

And check out an image below showing how the newly proposed Innoson Logo will look like on an actual vehicle;


This is how the proposed Innoson Logo will look like on the front grille of an SUV

Meaning behind newly proposed Innoson logo

In case you are curious to know the message behind the newly proposed Innoson Logo, check it out as explained in the image below;


This the hidden message that inspired the new design of the proposed Innoson Logo

So, which one do you prefer – the old one or the proposed one?

You can join the poll below;

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