Innoson Motors develops a new multi-level car park in its Anambra plant


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Popular Nigerian automaker, Innoson Motors, is making waves as photos and video of its new multi-level car park in Anambra goes viral. Check it out here!

Nigeria’s foremost indigenous car manufacturing company has been appearing in headlines in recent times, especially after Sierra Leone government placed a ₦1.8billion order for its vehicles just after Nigerian lawmakers rejected the brand. And now again, Innoson Motors is in the news after photos and video of its new temporary multi-level car park went viral recently. The size of the park clearly shows that the company’s production capacity has grown exponentially this year alone.


This is the new temporary multi-level car park at the Anambra plant of Innoson Motors

It is really amazing to see that Innoson Motors is making huge progress despite the fact that Coronavirus is threatening Nigeria’s automotive industry at the moment. Also, it was just last year that Innoson Motors opened an automated vehicle manufacturing plant in Anambra after many years of manual production processes. The automated plant seems to be paying off already as it is now becoming obvious that the company’s overall production speed and capacity are growing very fast.


The temporary multi-level car park in Innoson Motors’ plant helps the automaker to store new vehicles properly before delivery

According to reports, the new growth in production capacity of Innoson Motors is the main reason for the development of a temporary multi-level car park to effectively house the produced vehicles until they are delivered to customers. The massive structure also helps the company to manage space within the plant because its multi-level nature makes it possible to store more vehicles in the same space easily as seen in the above photos.

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To get a quick tour around the Innoson manufacturing plant as well as a closer look at the company’s multi-level car park; watch this short video below;


As of the time of writing this report, sources claim that Innoson Motors is becoming very popular in Africa and currently has customers in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Mali and other African countries.

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