Innoson Motors now adds fire trucks to its lineup of made-in-Nigeria vehicles


Posted by: Oluwaseun Solomon

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Guess what? Innoson Motors now adds Fire Trucks to its lineup of vehicles that will be continually manufactured in Nigeria. Read the full update here!

In case you are missing out on the latest updates from Nigeria’s very own Innoson Motors, is always there to help you catch up with all the gist and highlights.

Innoson Motors has recently up its game by adding fire trucks to its existing numerous lineups of vehicles which already includes ambulances, buses, pickup trucks, and SUVs all which are produced right here in Nigeria.


This is the new Innoson Motors fire truck

This new fire trucks by IVM has the primary purpose of transporting firefighters safely to an accident scene and also providing water with which they can use to extinguish the fire. It is also well equipped with some other useful equipment that is essential for firefighters. The extra equipment includes axe, pickaxe, spades, mallets, etc.


Innoson Motors equips its new fire trucks with extra tools that shows off the company’s attention to details

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Recall that just a few weeks ago, this indigenous automaker still delivered about 77 operational vehicles to the FRSC (Federal Road Safety Commission) as acquired by the Nigerian Federal Government.


This is how the new Innoson Motors Fire Trucks look like from the back

At this rate of progress, there is surely light at the end of the tunnel for auto manufacturing in Nigeria with time.

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Oluwaseun Solomon
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