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How much do you know about Nigeria's biggest local automaker, Innoson Motors vehicle's factory? Come with Naijauto as we X-ray Innoson's factory!


The Innoson factory produces several varieties of automobiles and large vehicles

1. Introduction

Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company or IVM, is a Nigeria-based automobile manufacturer owned by Innocent Chukwuma. IVM does its vehicle manufacturing at the Innoson motor factory. The IVM factory was commissioned by President Goodluck Jonathan on October 15th, 2010, and has not looked back since.


The then President Jonathan personally declared the factory open for business

IVM manufactures more than 70% of its vehicles’ components locally, while the rest of the parts are brought in from manufacturers in Japan, Germany, and China for assembly to augment the growing demand for its products.

Innoson is an automaker that seeks to improve Africa’s economy through industrialization, as well as stop the import of foreign used vehicles or tokunbos, from the African marketplace. Some notable success has already been recorded as its vehicles are used in some West African Countries like Nigeria, Mali, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

2. Location and manufacture

The IVM motor factory is the largest black-owned automobile factory in Africa, located in the hometown of its CEO - Innoson Chukwuma at Uru Umudim in Nnewi, Anambra State, in the south-eastern part of Nigeria.  The official global headquarters is 95 Owerri Road, P.O. Box 1068, Umudim, Nnewi, Anambra State. Innoson also has an office in Lagos at Plot 1 Block A, Amuwo Odofin Ind. Estate.

Location of Innoson Global HQ in Nnewi

The factory produces different models and body types, which include heavy-duty trucks, high and midsize-level buses, environment-friendly carriers, salon cars, SUVs, etc. Apart from vehicles, the Innoson group also produces motorbikes, tires, plastics, and has interests in agriculture. Did you know this?

At the IVM factory, vehicle construction (build-up and assembly) is carried out paying attention to the local consumers, the African road and how affordable such vehicles can be to Nigerians and Africans.

IVM is fully automated since June 2018. Not all Innoson vehicle parts are fabricated locally, and some components continue to be imported.

3. Staff and capacity

The factory employs about 7300 to 7500 persons, including welders, engineers, machinists, and other technical as well as non-technical staff. The daily capacity for small buses is ten buses.


A lady welder at work on a bus at Innoson factory; the factory employs about 7500 personnel

4. Patronage

Innoson motors currently receives sales orders from the Nigerian government, the military and several states such as Anambra, Ekiti, Imo, Bauchi, and Gombe. Government agencies such as the FRSC have also proven to be good customers of the automaker. Innoson's home state, Anambra recently bought 60 cars from IVM for security purposes.


The batch of Innoson pick up vans supplied to FRSC

5. Quality control at Innoson Motors factory

QC or quality control is a serious component of the manufacturing process. QC tests include

  • Rain test
  • Engine test
  • Sensors test
  • Safety tests (airbags, seatbelts, etc)
  • Road test


A quality control test being carried out at Innoson factory

6. Vehicles manufactured at Innoson motors factory

Let’s take a look at some vehicles manufactured by the factory:

1. Innoson FOX

The Innoson FOX is a saloon car that has been designed with features such as automatic folding mirrors, a 6.5-inch HD LED touchscreen, USB port for MP3 and iPod integration, etc. The FOX engine capacity is a 4x2 – 1.5L with FWD front-engine drivetrain that drives on petrol produced by the factory.


Innoson Fox saloon car was recently won by a BBNaija contestant

2. Innoson UMU 

The Innoson UMU is also a 4x2 saloon/sedan manufactured at the Innoson motors factory, which has been designed with features such as SRS airbags, foldable mirrors, 6.5-inch HD LED touchscreen, EBS, and German continental MK100. The Innoson UMU’s engine has a 5L capacity that drives on petrol. It also has 5 seat capacity with a Nova-Link security system.


Innoson UMU has SRS airbags and Nova link security 

3. Innoson G5 and G6 SUV Jeeps

The Innoson G5 SUV jeep is a 5-seat capacity SUV with a 4x2 2.4L engine that sends power to two wheels. The G5 comes with an automated braking system with a power steering with many infotainment features. Also, the G6 is an extension of the G5 with some related features, that drives on petrol, also produced by the factory.



Innoson G6 Jeep is a locally made SUV seating 5

4. Innoson G40 and G80 Wagon 

These are Innoson  4x4 G wagons manufactured and designed at the Nnewi factory whose looks have a resemblance to the famous Mercedes-Benz G-Wagons. They drive on petrol and share the same engine capacity of 2.4L. These wagons are one of a kind.



 Innoson G80 Jeep is just like the more expensive Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

5. The Innoson 4x2 Carrier

The Innoson 4x2 Carrier is designed by the factory to serve more like a patrol vehicle for security agencies. It is of a 2.4L 2WD (2-wheel drive) Mitsubishi engine. The exhaust is standard – Euro III with catalysator. Driven on petrol and has power windows/ airbags with varieties of other features.



Innoson 4x2 Carrier is made to address corporate security needs

6. Innoson 4x4 Carrier

The 4x4 Carrier is built for dual purposes, combining patrol, utility, and service. It’s a 5-seat passenger carrier that drives on a Mitsubishi 4x4 2.7L engine (slightly higher than the 4x2 carrier) with optional revolving lights/ security gadgets. This 4x4 carrier has 100/5250 calibration power and a maximum speed of 140km/h with its standard four-stroke cylinders. It’s a petrol-driven vehicle with other features. 


Innoson 4x4 Carrier is more versatile than the 4x2 as it can be both a security and a utility vehicle

7. Innoson 5000

The Innoson 5000 is a 14 passenger capacity bus with a petrol-driven 2.4L engine capacity for conveying passengers from place to place.


Innoson 5000 is a smaller bus for not so large personnel transport

8. Innoson 6601

The Innoson 6601 is a 23-seating capacity bus with a 2.7-liter petrol engine. Drives on 5-speed manual transmission with an 85 liters fuel tank capacity. The windows are power controlled.


Need a 23 seater? Then go for the Innoson 6601

9. Innoson 6800

The Innoson 6800 is a 33-passengers capacity bus with a diesel-driven Cummins engine with a performance of 133/2500 rpm and a 6-speed manual transmission for companies and travel agencies. It also has a Digital TV player, AC, MP3 players, etc.


Innoson 6800 has luxury features like digital TV

10. Innoson 6857

The Innoson 6857 bus is a 43-passengers capacity bus. A 2.7L Cummins engine with a tank capacity of 256 liters powers this bus. It is a 6-speed manual transmission and has Automated Braking System (ABS).


Innoson 6857 is IVM's most upscale large bus and can pack in 43 passengers in comfort

7. Prices of Innoson vehicles


Price in dollars

Price with VAT (5%)

Innoson FOX



Innoson UMU



Innoson G5 Wagon



Innoson G6 Wagon



Innoson G40 Wagon



Innoson G80 Wagon



Innoson 4x2 Carrier



Innoson 4x4 Carrier



Innoson 5000 bus



Innoson 6601 bus



Innoson 6800 bus



Innoson 6857 bus



7.1. Prices for other Innoson vehicles

Prices for other Innoson Vehicles


Price in dollars

Price in Naira


Innoson 5003 (8 tonnes swing arm truck)



Innoson 5251 (12 tonnes compactor truck)



Innoson 5100 (road sweeper)



These prices might change because of location, time of purchase, Value Added Tax as well as customs duties. 

IVM Production process

Innoson vehicles manufacturing (IVM) has not only proved that a local automaker can last the distance, but they also continue to inspire others every day to venture into large scale auto manufacturing in Nigeria. The Innoson motor factory is, of course, a big part of this success story. This is wishing that the company as well as the factory continue to grow from strength to strength.

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