[Photos] Innoson produces military vehicles strong enough to survive a helicopter drop


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From luxury to warfare, Innoson IVM has been producing a Jeep Cherokee-based military vehicle with unbelievable strength and durability.

Innoson is not backing off in its race to become the leading automaker in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Many people do not know that the indigenous auto manufacturing company has been supplying the Nigerian Army its IVM G12 military-grade vehicles that are strong enough to survive a helicopter drop.


Innoson makes Jeep Cherokee-based IVM G12 military vehicles that can survive a drop from high altitude

These military vehicles are so amazing that even General T.Y Buratai – the Chief of Nigerian Army Staff hailed the SUVs as capable enough and fit for tough terrains like in Northern Nigeria. The Army General was stunned by the strength of these military SUVs back in the year 2016 when the model was first unveiled. Ever since that time, Innoson has locally produced and supplied more than 70 variants of this IVM G12 military Utility vehicles to the Nigerian Army. It might interest many car lovers that these purchases were made after the IVM G12 had been put to test in the Nigerian North-Eastern terrain.

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Innoson IVM G12 Military Utility Vehicles – Photos and details

Firstly, this Innoson car model is mainly a variant of the 3/4 or 1/2-ton BJ2022 4x4 Utility Vehicle manufactured originally by a Chinese automaker, BAIC Motors, under the parent brand BAW (Beijing Auto Works). The model is popularly called “Brave Warrior” by people from the Asian part of the world.


This is the Innoson IVM G12 Military Utility vehicle that the Nigerian Army has been acquiring for special operations

The IVM G12 is based on the popular Jeep Cherokee but just a little bit wider and longer than the rugged Cherokee SUV. This military vehicle model is also, interestingly, made originally as China’s version of the popular multi-purpose Humvee used by the U.S military.

Innoson IVM G12 comes with a base model that can accommodate 5 soldiers alongside the driver in a 4-door, fully protected body. It has a foldable windscreen and removable side windows. It also comes with a trailer hitch that is capable of towing artillery pieces or light trailers under a 500kg weight limit. This is because the IVM G12 itself has a payload capacity of 500kg.


This interior of the Innoson IVM G12 Military Utility vehicle comes with moderate features to avoid distraction

Innoson produces different variants of this military vehicle in a range of 2-door pickup, a 4-door version with open top and also a 4-door version with a hardtop. Some of these variants are capable of comfortable transporting as many as 8 men alongside the driver at once. Innoson also offers a light armored version of this IVM G12 SUV model.

When talking of power, this Innoson IVM G12 military vehicles pack a Nissan-sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine which outputs 140hp. This engine has a 30 to 45 seconds start time at -40°C and 10 to 20 seconds start time at -30°C. It should be noted that this Innoson IVM G12 model comes equipped with an 85-liter fuel tank (main) as well as another 18-liter auxiliary fuel tank which altogether gives it a 1,000km maximum range.

Check out this video below that gives a sneak-peek into Innoson vehicle manufacturing plant in Nigeria:

  Innoson has truly broken the jinx in the Car manufacturing sector in Nigeria and Africa at large.

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