Is Innoson IVM G80 a replica of Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV? Check out their similarities


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Many people are saying that the Nigerian-made Innoson IVM G80 SUV is just a rebadged Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV. Check out their similarities to confirm this here!

Following some recent arguments about the Nigerian automaker Innoson’s IVM G80 SUV, looking just like a rebadged Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV; Naijauto has decided to spell out some of the similarities that the Innoson SUV shares with the other Chinese-made SUV for clarity sake.


Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV (top) vs Nigerian Innoson IVM G80 SUV (bottom) – Can you spot any similarities?

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First, we would like to point out that the Wikipedia page of the Chinese-made BAIC BJ80 SUV states that the Innoson IVM G80 is indeed a variant of the Chinese mid-size 4-WD luxury SUV manufactured by a subsidiary of BAIC (Beijing Auto Industry Corporation) – BAIC Motors under BAW (Beijing Auto Works).

See the image below for proof;


Screenshot of BAIC BJ80 SUV’s Wikipedia page showing that the Innoson IVM G80 is a variant of the Chinese vehicle

Just like you can see in the image above, Wikipedia claims that other variants of the BAIC BJ80 include the BJ80J (military version) and the BJ80D (diesel-powered), an SVOS 80 Czech-made version, and also an Armored version that comes with Kevlar and steel plating.


Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV (top) vs Nigerian Innoson IVM G80 SUV (bottom) – a closer look from the back!

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Many people are actually more concerned about the fact that the Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV has a starting price of ₦14,900,000 - ₦15,400,000 (288,000 - 298,000 Yuan) without shipping and clearing cost to get it to Nigeria. The Nigerian-made Innoson IVM G80 is priced at a whopping ₦27,825,000.


The front fascia of Chinese BAIC BJ80 SUV (top) vs Nigerian Innoson IVM G80 SUV (bottom) – Any difference?

From the above image, it is also clear that the Innoson IVM G80 and the BAIC BJ80 does not only share similarities on their exterior alone but also feature quite the exact same interior design and features like the dashboard styling.

So, if Innoson claims that 70% of its vehicle parts are all produced in Nigeria with only the remaining 30% being shipped from Germany, China and Japan; how come this IVM G80 feels like a complete replica of the BAIC BJ80?

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