Innoson IVM G40 Review: All you need to know about Laycon's BBN car gift


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How much do you know about the Innoson built SUV Laycon took home after winning the Big Brother reality show. Learn all about it in this Innoson IVM G40 Review!

After 71 days of intense interpersonal competition and scheming, 26-year-old Ogun State indigene Olamilekan Agbeleshe, popularly known as Laycon, emerged to be the winner of the 5th Edition of the most followed reality show in the continent, the Big Brother Naija Reality show. 


Of Lay-Lay-Lay, of Laycon------Icons!!!

When the show was announced in July, the total top price package was significantly increased from the previous editions and this year's winner was to go away with a whooping ₦85 million worth of prices. Top of the list is fresh out of the factory Innoson Vehicles built SUV, the Innoson IVM G40.

The SUV became a part of the price package starting in 2019 after Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing (IVM) signed a sponsorship agreement with the Big Brother Naija Reality Show to utilize their platform in promoting the Innoson cars brand. 

Check out this short video of Laycon with his brand new IVM G40 SUV


WHEN YOU SEE ME DRIVE BY!....💡💡💡💡 Outfit by @lekucciglobal

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Just like the previous edition of the Big Brother Naija won by the Effeverscent Mercy Eke, Olamilekan drove home in this latest model IVM G40, shiny wheels, tall and hefty ground shaking beast. I guess by now, you are itching to savour all the facts about the SUV, well that's what we are giving out in the following sector: Innoson IVM G40 review!


Hefty and Shiny, all new IVM G40 won by Laycon

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All about the Innoson Vehicles built IVM G40 SUV

The IVM G40 is obviously a tall SUV with a ground clearance of 8.3 inches and stands at about 72.3 inches above the ground, which is just about 4 inches less than the height of a Mercedes Benz G-Wagon.

Its full length measured from the bumper to the fender stands at about 171.3 inches, which is still less than the full length of the G-Wagon. The IVM G40 is just moderately wide, with a width measurement of 72.2 inches.

  • Length - 171.3 inches
  • Ground Clearance - 8.3 inches
  • Height - 72.3 inches
  • Width - 72.6 inches

Price Tag

So sometime in 2016, the chairman and founder of Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing, Chief Innocent Chukwuma had promised that the company will present luxury-level SUVs to Nigerians who are in love with the Nigerian project and wish to ride in a made-in-Nigeria luxury SUV. True to his words, in November of 2017, Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing presented to the public three SUV brands, one of these being the prestigious IVM G40.

The IVM G40 gained prominence after its appearance in the 2019 Big Brother Naija show after it was presented as part of the grand price package to Mercy Eke.

Fast forward to 2020, the IVM G40 also made a stellar appearance in the BBN Lockdown 2020, grabbing all the attention at the grand finale of the show in late September.

Our best guess is that Laycon went home with the 2020 models of the IVM G40 which has a price tag of over ₦22 million as exclusively revealed to Naijauto. So now that the price is out of the bag, the IVM G40 costs about ₦22.525 million, a hefty figure if you will ask me. The heftiness of that price will be handled in another article.

But for now, we are offering some bonus info, check out below the price list of some other 2020 models of the Innoson Vehicles clan as exclusively revealed to Naijauto. We will surely bring you up to date with every other 2020 Innoson vehicle model and their prices in a later article. So make sure you watch this space.

Prices of some 2020 models of Innoson Vehicles

 Model   Price in Nigerian Naira
 IVM Ikenga  ₦9,500,000
 IVM Caris  ₦8,495,000
 IVM G-5  ₦12,237,750
 IVM G-6  ₦17,950,000
 IVM G40  ₦22,525,000
 IVM G80  ₦33,000,000

Engine and Performance

The IVM G40 comes with standard engine and performance capability that will somehow interest you, even though it may not wow you considering the price tag. For a start, it comes with a turbocharged engine which is surely an improvement from the previous models.

The 2020 IVM G40 comes with a 2.8 Liter turbocharged Engine, but we can't say with certainty if the engine has been upgraded. The 2.8-litre engine delivers over 140 hp against 161.1 Ib-ft which the transmission utilizes in powering the wheels.

On the transmission side of things, the IVM G40 comes fitted with a 5 Speed Auto Transmission.

To make sure you get value for money, the 2020 IVM G40 comes with an improved 4-Wheel drivetrain compared to its previous models that were fitted with just the Front-Wheel drivetrain.

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The IVM G40 is just as tall and long as you would expect


The IVM G40 is considered to be very fuel efficient

On the suspension side, the IVM G40 has a different suspension configuration for both the front and rear axles as usual. While the rear area being supported by a non-independent coil spring suspension, the front area is supported by an independent coil spring suspension system.

These two, along with the Cam bar dampening systems make sure your ride will be as smooth and less rough as possible.

Interior and Technology

The IVM G40 is built on a standard SUV wheelbase and as such has the capacity of seating 5 persons comfortably. The seats are craftily and carefully covered in fine quality leather while the multimedia infotainment system is top-notch.


The seats are covered in the finest quality leather

On the technology side, Innoson Vehicles claim that the IVM G40 comes fitted with the Engine Torque Protection System ETPS which is claimed to make driving a lot more secure and safer. This technology is similar to the Engine Protection System which is generally designed to keep the engine speed and torque within a metered level by monitoring the properties of the engine fluids at intervals using an electronic control module.

Also present in the IVM G40 has a security system that Innoson Vehicles call an electronic immobilizer system which is generally to help make your car more secure against theft. Other standard technology features which can be easily found on the IVM G40 include:

  • Power Steering
  • Airbags
  • Reverse Alarm Switch
  • LED lights
  • Power Windows
  • ABS with Electronic braking distribution system EBS
  • Reverse Camera
  • Automated Rearview Mirror


Above is all about the Laycon's Innoson IVM G40 review. I'm guessing so many persons will be considering going for this cool and special looking Nigerian built vehicle. It's about time we start putting our money where our mouth is, by buying made in Nigeria cars.

Truth is, the Nigerian-made brands will not grow if we do not patronize them. Our hope is Innoson Vehicles and other brands will endeavour to deliver products that match the international quality and are worth the money so that we won't have to feel cheated every time we try to be patriotic.

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