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Innoson cars can be paid in 3-year instalments

Replying comments on their Twitter post, Innoson announced to sell their products by installment plan.

Many people have dreamt of owning an Innoson car but their financial conditions do not always allow it. Apparently, those people aren't aware that Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing actually offers auto financing which allows their customers acquire an Innoson’s auto for an initial small amount of money, then adding up during a 3-year period. This has been once again confirmed in Innoson Motor's recent Twitter posts.

comments on Innoson post

comments on Innoson post

The comment thread confirms the information

This policy of the company has been long anticipated in such developing countries like Nigeria to aid improving residents’ living standards.

For the latest updated prices of Innoson cars, please refer to Innoson Motors price list 2018.

See photos below for popular Innoson vehicles!

Innoson G80

IVM G80 - an Innoson Motor's luxury SUV

Innoson Fox

Innoson Fox - a subcompact hatchback model from IVM

Innoson Carrier

Innoson Carrier - pickup truck model of IVM

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