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Ini Edo is endorsed for a reason. Starting humbly, she has made her way to this position not out of luck, but rather her continuous effort and hard work. Click to see Ini Edo life, house and cars now!

The beautiful Nollywood actress Ini Edo has starred in over a hundred of movies and earned a great deal from her success. Today, Naijauto leaks some information on Ini Edo life, house and cars. Read on!

1. Ini Edo net worth

Ini Edo net worth updated this year is estimated at ₦450 million, making her one of the top 10 richest actresses in Nigeria. The income mostly comes from her acting fees, endorsement contracts and ambassador salaries. The longest contract deal was between Ini Edo and the company GLO, they have cooperated all the way back to 2006 and only parted ways in 2016. 


She has made a fortune out of signing many contracts and starring in many movies, 

Being a superstar actress, she was chased after by many glamorous brands for endorsement contracts. Most famous deals can be named here are the ones with Slim Tea Nigeria and Noble Hair, all of which have brought her hundreds of millions of Naira! What's more, the number of her awards is equally impressive as her net worth.

2. Ini Edo house and cars

Ini Edo house in Lekki

Ini Edo owns several houses but the most notable one is in Lekki, which was bought after her divorce. At first, it's worthed more than 70 million Naira, but quickly turn into 80 million after some thorough decoration work.


Ini Edo house in Lekki cost N70 million at first (Photo source: E24-7)


Ini Edo in her house warming party (Photo source: CMSFotographer)

Ini Edo car collection

Edo owns 3 luxury cars: a Range Rover SUV, a BMW and a rather masculinity-looking car, a G65 Mercedez which she bought for more than a half the price of her car, 40 million nairas.


With her high income, it's understandable that she owns many cars and properties


Both beauties look super hot in red

Latest news also reveals that the Nollywood actress has recently bought a bullet proof Lexus as well. The price of her newly acquired car hasn't been unveiled yet.


The superstar proudly posed alongside her new transport


Guess which beast is this?

3. Biography of Ini Edo

Ini Edo family background: a humble start

Contrary to many other superstars who were born with silver spoons in their mouth, Ini Edo started her journey on earth very humbly. Her father is an elder at a church and her mother was a teacher. Needless to say, they can never afford a prestigious school for her. The two schools she went to were Cornelius Connely College where she got her secondary certificate and the University of Uyo where she got a degree in Theatre Arts.


Born in a conservative family, the actress got a strict education

As the breadwinner in a conservative family, her father was a very disciplined man and she was indeed influenced by that. Not to mention that she's the second child in the family, who must set example for her younger siblings.

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Ini Edo career path

Debuted in 2003 in the movie Thick Madam, the name Ini Edo caught the attention from the general public, but the decisive leverage was from the movie The World Apart. That is when her career really took off.


Ini Edo debut successfully in her first movie Thick Madame

She was then offered tons of opportunities to star in many movies and she has proven that she made good use out of those. Now, after more than hundreds of movies, she's amongst the elites of the film industry in Nigeria. Some of the movies she has taken part in are:

  • Beautiful Faces - 2004
  • Only Love - 2005
  • Desperate Billionaires - 2005
  • Price of Fame - 2006
  • Married to the Enemy - 2006
  • Game Men Play - 2006
  • Reloaded - 2009
  • Ghetto Queen - 2014
  • The Patient - 2017

Ini Edo life: husband, children and other things

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