Infiniti sets plan for bold new range of electric vehicles


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Infiniti has started making serious plans towards producing and rolling out some bold new range of electric cars. Read details of their plan here!

For quite some time now, any regular reader would have noticed that we have hardly got any update from the Infiniti auto brand. This is by no way our fault, it’s the brand itself that hasn’t got much going out for a while now.

The Infiniti auto brand has been launched 30 years ago as a luxury arm of the renowned automobile manufacturing company – Nissan, but they have failed to produce major inroads especially against their rivals in the European auto market. Infiniti sold only 750 vehicles in the United Kingdom throughout 2018. Just imagine how little the number is compared to some of its competitors in the UK.

However, the brand has now started gearing up and making plans to up its game towards electric vehicles starting from 2021. Their plan became obvious with the first preview of the Infiniti QX inspiration concept car which was near-production-ready as they showcased it in January at the Detroit Motor show.


Infinity QX Inspiration concept at Detroit Motor show

Karim Habib, the head of design said that design changes that will be possible through electric cars will:

  • Present a perfect opportunity to reinvent itself by showing the world its capabilities
  • Feature greater interior space in its cars due to EVs lacking the need for including a front grille.

Habib called the QX inspiration a “brand-defining step” and went further to say;

“The Infiniti brand is fairly established, but we need to distil it and be clearer about who we are and what we stand for. Electric cars give us a lot of opportunity to do that: we’re able to conceive the brand as a whole – to see a whole ‘world’ of Infiniti become a statement.”

The Infiniti QX Inspiration is a beautiful crossover-style compact vehicle that has quite a number of newer design features which includes the traditional grille position being replaced by the brand’s name written out as “Infiniti” in LEDs. Quite catchy, huh?


This is the Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept Car – Isn’t the design just enticing?

When Habib, the design boss was asked if these design changes could help Infinity to reinvent itself in European market, he replied:

“I would hope so. I think the European market will be very open to a performance, high-quality Japanese electric car.
Our first electric car will be a compelling statement: it’s the chance for us to present something unique.
The performance side of EVs will be very important and, since performance is part of Infiniti’s identity, we want to push it as much as possible,
We also need to develop the human side of the brand in a stronger way. These cars are made for people, and they need to emanate warmth as well.”

Also, below are some further questions that Habib was asked as well as his corresponding replies;

Will Infiniti’s electric cars draw on Nissan’s EV design much?

“We try to keep it separate. If you look at the Nissan IMs [concept SUV], there’s a similar sense of learning from Japanese architecture and industrial design, but we wanted to do it in a very subtle, more implicit way.”

Why spell out the Infiniti name in lights?

“I love the typography, with the four Is and a very symmetrical word. We just thought ‘let’s use that more’.”

What challenges do EVs present for a designer?

“I’ve been a designer for 20 years, and right now it’s the most exciting it’s ever been because there are so many questions to ask. That means there’s a lot of risk, but that’s part of the fun.”

  Infiniti QX Inspiration Concept - First Look

Infiniti’s actual parent company – Nissan is currently one of the leaders in the automobile market when it comes to EVs especially for their ultra-successful car “Leaf”. Because of this, Habib has hinted the press that Infiniti plans to use some of those Nissan’s “assets” as their basis for the upcoming machines but would definitely still add some extra Infiniti’s personalized touches.

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